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Where can I buy an Addfeet Junior by Addiator ?

Asked by sec9030 (4points) March 23rd, 2017

Trying to find an Addfeet Junior mechanical calculator.

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there are none available on ebay that I can see. Could you please post the link to the posting you are referencing?

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eBay is a good place to start but you have looked there already, as you say. Have you set up a saved search – eBay will alert you if anything that matches your search appears. Patience is needed for something as old and rare as this. Try Etsy – I looked there and they had vintage calucators for sale but none of your type.

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@sec9030 Here is a link I found on eBay. There are a number of addiators. Perhaps you’ll see the one you want here.

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The Addfeet is a specific type of addiator that calculates in feet and inches. There are many addiators available on ebay but unfortunately not the addfeet. I have tried ebay, etsy, pinterest, facebook, and google shopping. Might there be any other sites I should be checking or is there a site specific to selling vintage drafting/engineering tools that I have not discovered yet?

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So the last time there was an Addfeet Junior on eBay was less than a week ago (sold for about $14). You may need to be a little patient but I wouldn’t be surprised if another one doesn’t turn up ther sooner or later

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@sec9030 3 of them have been sold in the last 3 months on eBay. Click on follow this search and eBay will notify you when one comes in. To verify the item search now under “completed listings”. That’s how I found it.

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I have one. I’ve wanted another, but been unable to find them either.

One I have has Feet, Inches, and fractions of an inch, not just regular numeric decimals.

Still use it at times, they are nice to have if using measurements or carpentry type jobs.

From what I have found, they are no longer available and very hard to come by. The very few of us with them don’t want to let go of them.

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