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Is there anything that makes sense to everyone else, but not to you?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) March 23rd, 2017

I found this on Quora. It’s not my question, but it’s interesting enough to ask.
Besides facebook questions like this, what is it that makes sense to everyone, but not to you? Something that everyone sees as normal or usual, something that everyone loves (or hates, doesn’t matter) but you just can’t get into it and see any sense as to why would anyone like/hate it or accept it as such. (a subject of love or hate)

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Squaring time in physics. Also debits and credits in accounting. There and their in grammar. The effectiveness of hand sanitizer.

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Eating tortured and abused animals
Thinking Ben Stiller movies are funny

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I second religion. However, I think the relgious only think they make sense.

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Minivan hate. I mean, geez, you can do and haul anything in those things!

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Most sports, except for figure skating and gymnastics

Interest in Game of Thrones and anything with zombies


Donald Trump and his beliefs, and his cronies, and his followers

The idea that food is merely for sustenance and nothing more.

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How one can take the Bible literally or believe in an afterlife.


Bungee jumping.

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Smart phones, and texting come right to mind.
The conservative mind set.
Obsessive religion mind set.

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Count me as another vote for the above things:
Ben Stiller
Game of Thrones
Bungee jumping
and I could add social status obsession.

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Daily drinking.

I’m not talking about alcoholics necessarily. Just your average folk who like to have a drink or two after work to unwind, or have a bottle of wine with dinner, or goes out drinking on the weekend for fun, or always has a drink while watching sports, and so on.

All perfectly normal and incredibly common amongst most people I know.

Me though, I just don’t get it. It actually seems like a bizarre choice to me. I get that I am completely in the minority here.

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Gambling. I’m not talking about a one-off bet on the Melbourne Cup or even a weekly game on the pools or similar, but people who waste money every day or week on the horses, dogs and the like. And I really do not get people who pour dollar after dollar into slot machines. I find those machines mind numbing!

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^^ Yes, that too.

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I also don’t drink regularly @cookieman. Just does not appeal to me. When I do, I’m happy with a glass of wine or two at most. I don’t like getting drunk.

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Bitching about what other people enjoy. >_>

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Religion, religion, religion

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Religion & the over rated American work ethic.

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I may not like something, but I can at least understand why people like it. I’m going to mention what I can neither like nor understand.

- Posting heavy edited selfies. Unless you are trying to deceive someone, I can’t see any point in posting edited selfies then being proud of it.
– Sticking to what you know while travelling to another country. Come on, you have plenty of time for that at home. What’s the point of travelling if you don’t try to discover?
– Watching movies only to see nice-looking people. Ok this one is rather subtle since we don’t really know what someone enjoy in a movie, but those who only stay for good-looking actors, do you follow the movie at all? This applies for music too.
– Spending money on expensive things that have cheaper alternatives. Enough said.
– The black and white attitude that if someone does something wrong, they are a bad person. It really takes that little effort for them to become a monster?
– Poppularity contest. I grew out it a long time ago.

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I really like some of these answers! Yes. Smoking. Gambling. Guns.
I sort of understand religion, which is why I can’t be a militant atheist, but I am atheist. If people get in my face about religion or try to use it as a meter stick to judge me or others, watch out. (you oldies here on Fluther know what I’m talking about) But, generally, if you keep your faith between you and your god, I have no problems with it.

As I grow older, I understand less the meaning and reason behind consumer ‘fashion’. I used to love it as a younger person, but, call it laziness, I just don’t care anymore.

Sorry folks, I love accounting and math. It’s my jigsaw puzzle. JIGSAW PUZZLES! I don’t get the point of those because all that effort and you get nothing other than the picture on the box. Just look at the picture on the box and save yourself the time. At least when I solve a real life math problem (yes, they exist) or balance accounts and reconcile to the bank statement, I’ve done something constructive.

I don’t get why people like ‘being social’. I’m not even sure what it means. I can be pleasant in a group setting to a point. For me, it takes real effort and I only make that effort because I have a kid and I don’t want him crippled socially like I was, but I fear it is too late.

I’m sure I will think of a few more given a bit of time to think on it. I like this question.

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To me it’s the question of existence itself. It’s the only thing keeping me on the line between agnostic and atheist. @cookieman and @Earthbound Misfit It is incredible just how susceptible people are to the acquisition of habits. And the combination of exposure with the wiring variability between individuals makes life a minefield for us all. My own Jones is undoubtedly sweets and @cookieman admirably flaunts his vice flag to the world. I congratulate us all on stumbling through life with our monkeys on our backs.

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I also agree with not understanding drinking daily. Why risk the addiction? Why spend the money? I do understand how people can get addicted to substances, and sometimes it’s circumstance and I have a lot of empathy for some of the circumstances. Like painkillers after major surgery, or for chronic pain, or when a 14 year old gets addicted to crack, because they just didn’t understand consequences and they’re young. But, drinking daily just because your drink of choice with dinner is alcohol? Bad choice in my opinion. People say it doesn’t affect them, and I call bullshit.

People who love watching sports for 3 hours, and truly pay attention to the game the whole time.

People who constantly lie. I know it’s a psychological condition in its extreme form, but I know people who lie because I guess maybe they are insecure and worry about approval? I’m not sure.

Worrying about the house always being perfectly neat. I like a neat house, but I’m not going to make myself sick about it, or miss time cuddling with my husband on the couch and watching our favorite shows, because I didn’t put something away.

People who get angry at young children. I don’t have kids, so I probably can’t legitimately comment on this, but I don’t get the anger. Frustration sure. Being annoyed, yes. Even maybe resentment. Anger? I just can’t get there.

Judging someone negatively as a work candidate, because they took a several months to a year break from work. Here in America, God forbid you don’t constantly and consistently work from the day you got your first job as an adult to the day you officially retire. Now, women are given a little more grace if it was for children, but if you just want to travel and see the world, or take a f**king rest for 6 months, many recruiters look at you cross-eyed.

@cazzie I like math and accounting too, so I find it initeresting you don’t like puzzles. I like puzzles. Here where I live there is a puzzle in each of the large rec centers, and random people can come at anytime and work on the puzzle. Once it’s finished it’s left there for several days, and then eventually it’s broken down, and a new one is put out. It’s similar to playing solitaire when I’m alone. If other people are working on it at the same time it’s a social thing, but you said the social thing isn’t necessarily appealing to you. I don’t puzzle often, but I enjoy it in short clips. Do you dislike board games and playing cards to? I think that might all be part of the same thing.

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Dropping litter.

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@JLeslie I love playing board games if it has a finish in a reasonable time frame. Most card games send my head around the bend, though, but if I’m board enough, I can play card games. It’s just jigsaw puzzles that I don’t get. I think you have to have a crazy amount of free time to be into those things. I don’t. I have laundry and cleaning and other things like crafting where I actually make something useful.

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@cazzie I agree puzzles have a relationship to free time. I’ve gone years at a time never touching a puzzle piece. Actually, it’s true of board games and cards too to some extent. When I’m swamped with life, down time is usually with my eyes closed.

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Liberals and religion

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This is a fun question. I’ve been nodding along with many of the responses…

Two others:
– Taking what other drivers do on the road personally (especially getting angry about it).
– Why non-free-throw scores in basketball are called “field goals,” when it is a sport with neither fields nor goals.

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Oh, I just thought of another one. Sports. Not for exercise, but being a fan where you have to watch every game and you get really hyped about it. I like watching rugby now and then, but I don’t HAVE to and I don’t yell and scream at it. Watching people watch football matches and get all crazed makes no sense to me.

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