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Why must I always be reminded that horror movies are all the same?

Asked by Berserker (33506points) March 24th, 2017

Well of course they are. It’s a type of movie, under the horror genre. You think I don’t know that? I watch and collect horror movies, I have seen the same premises and formulas tons of times; and this is how I like it. While I appreciate innovation and originality, I don’t want my horror to stray too far from what I’ve grown to love.
Why do people always have to tell me, but it’s always the same thing! Well, yeah.

You think action movies aren’t all the same? I also love martial arts movies, those are all the same too. What’s the deal? I didnt come here for the story.

I understand that out of all the genres, horror is the one that repeats itself the most but that’s the point; why, as a horror movie fan, do people think I don’t know that?

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1) They think it’s something they’ve concluded on their own and no one else knows that, so they feel they need to share it with everyone else.
2) They probably aren’t fans of horror movies, and you are, which puts you two on opposing ends. That means they have a sacred duty to enlighten you and show you how much of a deluded sheep you are for liking something they don’t.
3) They don’t get that if you like something, you know all the consequences and disadvantages of it, but you don’t care about that and like it nevertheless. It’s a very simple thing people just can’t get into their heads.

It’s like when all those “super healthy” snobs always have to point out to every smoker that what they do is wrong and disgusting, that they’re killing themselves, show them gross images of tarred lungs etc. Like smokers have no idea what do cigarettes do to them. Smh.

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I love horror movies, as well. People always seem dismayed by this. They ask me if I get scared—no. I tell them I laugh a lot and they look at me like I’m crazy. I feel no need to justify myself to most people.

Personally I love when horror movies shake it up (It Follows is a good example.), but I love the genres, too. Slashers, zombies, infection films, ghosts, etc., but I must say I am so tired of the found footage bullshit.

Point is, I get it. Just tell the people you don’t need to hear it. Rom-Coms are more formulaic than horror movies.

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Because all horror is not the same, sure, it may have similar themes, the classic stupid teenage slasher flick genre but there are many twists on the same theme. I have one especially for you my little Besrerkaline. A Korean Zombie flick. haha

I JUST watched this last night on Netflix. I love the Korean horror/thrillers. This was a really good one I thought. Check it out!

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People can have different ideas about genre conventions. For example, people who aren’t a fan of certain conventions may tend to complain about those when they show up and seem unnatural or heavy-handed.

Personally, I don’t actively want genre conventions especially when they seem to take on a force of their own that is not supported by the fictional situation. I am annoyed by stories that seem to warp reality to allow genre conventions to hold true in lazy ways.

I don’t mind if a film seem to ends up falling into a genre, but all fakeness tends to break my immersion and interest in a story. In the horror genre, I find several films to be self-consistent and well done enough that I can get into their situations as if they are plausible and interesting by themselves, whether they fit genre expectations or not:

The Exorcist
The Shining
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

When I start to mind genre conventions is when events and their outcomes seem to be caused, sloppily, lazily, and/or inevitably, by genre expectations without much or any effort to provide any in-situation reason why they turned out that way. Even if it’s some weird curse, that’s better to me than just “because in this genre psychokillers never die, and can always break into cars and hide in the back seat without being noticed” etc.

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Isn’t that true for all genre movies?

Romances (chick flicks) always end up in the same place.

Christmas movies always have happy endings

James Bond movies always end up with James in bed with the girl, and the bad guy (or gal) dead

Cowboy movies – the good guys always win

Porn… well, you get the point.

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It’s beyond me why some people choose to dis others about their personal, harmless preferences in anything. I mark these people as creepy, little dilettantes not worth the time of day. You should, as well. This is the kind of thing an extremely insecure person uses to feel superior to others. They are so desperate for a win that they scrape the bottom of the barrel for an easy conflict—as if there isn’t enough real conflict out there already. It’s usually an ad populem argument anyway. What they get back from me is a shitload of ad hominem.

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@elbanditoroso LOL porn….PPP, pretty pre-dickt-able.

@Espiritus_Corvus Exactly! As I have mentioned I am all over the movie map, maybe a vintage Bonanza episode at lunch time, a 1940’s classic at 7 and a Korean Zombie flick at 9. haha

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^^Yeah. I have a few friends that are all over the map sexually. Dis them for those preferences, and you’ll get clobbered and hard. At this moment in this society, clobbering someone for this is sanctioned. What I find confusing is that this doesn’t apply to all personal preferences, right down to the types of films someone likes to watch. Or, god forbid, if they prefer cats to dogs, or vice versa. Either get into it with them, or let it go. No comment is required.

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Us horror movie lovers & I include my 17yr old daughter in this, put up with a lot of shite from anyone who just doesn’t get the genre. If it’s not as you so rightly said, then it’s the whole “ooh, you must be weird/sick to enjoy seeing people get stabbed/chopped up etc…”
No, fuckoff then when you get there fuckoff some more & keep fucking off until you’ve completely fucked the fuckity fuck off!!!

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This question reminds me of my painful past when my liking for detective flicks was deemed “unhealthy” and “could damage my personality”. Those people who said that thought of crime movies as nothing but gore shows, and most of them, ironically, admired young adult romance, saying that they were the better reflection of life. I was socially awkward to them so they had more reason to convince that what I watched was shit. For a long time I grew to hate romance because of that. I have nothing against anything you watch, as long as you leave me alone like I do. Most of us are stable people and you have no need to tell me what to do with my life.

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@tinyfaery I’m with you there, not sure there’s a horror genre I dislike (zombies and slashers being my faves) but found footage movies…or what I call shaky camera movies…there are two major problems with this.
First, I can’t fuckin see anything. Everything moves fast and all over the place. Second, this is a type of horror movie that’s stuck with the idea of realism if it wants to be any good. In short, if shit loads of zombies are chasing you, you’re not filming anything anymore. You drop your camera and run like mad.
Obviously, I forgive all horror when it comes to realism, but not found footage movies because the whole goal of those is to offer that kind of perspective which is ruined by how stupid the characters are. Some work, Blair Witch, Cannibal Holocaust, Diary of the Dead or Grave Encounters.

Blair Witch just because it was new at the time (altough it is not the first of its kind) and the others for being smart about justifying constant live filming. or just being funny

Erp. I could go on.

You and @ucme also mention people commenting about whether you get scared or if we’re just plain sick people. Scared, well I can see that, while no horror movies scare me, I know a lot of people who get scared by them. I probably would get scared but I have watched way too many, although Halloween II and Pet Sematary kind of traumatized me when I was little.

But being sick, demented people for liking horror? Wow ok, sure. One of the oldest forms of entertainment in anything IS horror, millions of people like it, so I suppose the whole world is filled with potential serial killers and Satanists haha. @ucme I certainly agree with that fuckity fuck off some more thing haha. Well said, old bean.
Get those people to watch internet videos of real people getting killed, compare that to horror movies and get them to reconsider. There’s a huge difference, we are not sick people. Although if I was able to offer someone tons of links to genuine footage of people getting tortured and killed, I might be driving the nail in there, no pun intended.

@Coloma Wow cool, thanks, I’m going to have to check that out. It just came out on the Playstation Network, too. Asian horror is one of the recent horror genres I discovered, by recent I mean like ten years ago but…it’s unique, and the American remakes and whatnot don’t do them justice. (in fact a lot of foreign horror beats the USA by miles when it comes to scare factor) I always appreciate some Asian horror flicks, when it’s not just Japanese snuff films lol.

@Sneki95 Yeah, that’s the point. That’s what’s insulting, folks assuming I don’t know what horror is. As you say, people who smoke know it isn’t any good. It’s like, I feel like saying to those people, don’t lecture me about something I most likely know more about than you lol.

Thanks for the answers everyone. I’m real glad people didn’t come in here and start explaining why they don’t like horror movies. :)

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@Espiritus_Corvus GA for dilettante! I once had a t-shirt that said, “A connoisseur is one who knows; a dilettante just thinks he does!”’

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