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Do you think a vehicle an individual drives can identify the personality of that person?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19395points) March 27th, 2017

And yes I borrowed this idea from anther question about shoes.
Just wondering if the vehicle would tell more?

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Not really and not always.

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Probably moreso than shoes but not really.

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Yeah, probably. I mean if they are driving around in a big monster truck I always think to myself “They must not be too confident”
If you drive around in a truck that big you got to be trying to make up for something. I wonder what that is.

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Like the shoes, there are clues such as sensible, practical, extravagant, etc. when the driver steps out of the car, we have 2 clues reinforcing contradicting or befuddling one another.

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Yes, but only If you can buy any vehicle you choose. Me, myself and I? I’d have a Jag. But I have to settle for a 2005 Buick.

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Well I wear Lightnin McQueen slippers so I reckon I got both questions covered…kerrchoww

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No. Not to say that some aspects of their personality and tastes and thinking didn’t likely have led to some choices, but that doesn’t mean you can reverse-engineer their personality from their car.

I’ll add that even knowing that, and not wanting to be judged for my own car, I tend to be very prejudiced against owners of the car/truck types that I dislike the most, and I do think they likely must have a malfunction. Even though there are people I’ve known well who said they liked certain vehicles I can’t stand. I’m still prejudiced, even though I know it’s not fair… there are exceptions.

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We have an SUV. We also have 10 grandkids and a camper. We use the Jetta most of the time.

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Not really, not always anyway. I drove a luxury sedan for a long time and I’m a hippie cowgirl type. Happy brownies in the frizzer, wacky eclectic lifestyle but my car said ” conservative yuppie.” lol

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Not unless the person has had the car since new and the person trying to make the determination of personality knows it. Some poor shmuck might be driving the only car he/she could afford and the disposably minded douche he/she bought it from may have beat the shit out of it, or loved it. ? Or got the car as a gift from his/her folks and he/she will trash it later.
So, I guess my answer is no.

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Sometimes. I think it would only be true if the person had the money to buy the car they really wanted. For example I was lucky enough in 2008 to be able to buy new a car I had really truly wanted for some time. It was a PT Cruiser. I love early 20th century history and I think that the PT resembles some of the cars from back then. So you can gleam a little about me from that.

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I always wondered about the average cock size of the urban Hummer driver. It’s an obvious self-image thing. Which affects personality. I’m guessing microdick.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I have to agree.
And I’ve always wondered the same thing about cowboys who drive those 1 ton pick-up 4X4 trucks with the extra-wide 4 tire axle in the back.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Or…just ostentatious asshole. haha

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My Tahoe tells a lot about me. From the outside you immediately see multiple antennas, crash bars in front, tow hitch. tow rings, Inside there are tools, extra fuel, water, jumper cables, tow ropes, ground cloths, plastic sheets, shovel, flash lights, 2 power inverters, fire extinguisher,,first aid kit, extra clothes, 100 ft extension cord, etc…
I can help anyone in trouble.

i put in a homemade storage shelf about 6 ” off the floor in the back. All the stuff fits underneath and out of sight.

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Nobody asked “Why 2 inverters?”...... I’ll tell you anyway.
One is a 150 Watt that plugs into the cigareette lighter . I use it for charging small electronic items like phones, and computers,

The other is a big, 2000 Watt Surge, 1000W Continuous inverter that clamps on to my car battery. I can plug in the 100 ft extension cord and power critical items like a sump pump, refrigerator, freezer, garage door, and most home heating systems.
I just pull up to the house, plug in and power what needs to be powered. Crisis averted.

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