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Is it legal to shoot the neighbour's dog for trespassing?

Asked by ragingloli (47295points) March 30th, 2017

What are some legal loopholes one might exploit to get away with it?

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Self defense
Looked/behaved rabid
Thought it was a wolf
Thought it was a burgler
How big is this dog?

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Fear of your life.

Killing or threatening your livestock or animals.

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You can give him some “food”, and then let him die in his own yard a few hours later.

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???????? I’m confused. Aren’t you 100% against guns?

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Only if you are evil.

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“It’s coming right for us!”

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One could use a crossbow.

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Well you’re talking about Germany where most of the women are dogs so…homicide much

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With a crossbow you would not need an excuse, unless somebody sees you.
The animal would likely not drop where you shot it, so they would not know who did it.

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Don’t shoot the dog, shoot the neighbors. ~

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If he/she is on your property and is a obvious threat.
My neighbor’s dog didn’t like me and came over into my yard one day after me. If the neighbor hadn’t called the dog back, the fight would have been on!

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In my county it is legal to shoot dogs that are worrying or harassing livestock, and obviously if a dog comes onto your property and is behaving aggressively towards you, your pets or other animals, yes, it is legal in most areas. Rural areas see a lot of damage to livestock from marauding dogs. Chasing and injuring or running cattle, sheep, goats or horses into fences. Chasing and killing chickens and other poultry.

I love all animals but, admittedly, am not a big fan of dogs though I have had a couple I have loved over the years. I have zero tolerance for renegade dogs that might injure my pets. I have a 19 year old pet goose and if some dog was after him I would not hesitate to shoot the dog if I had a weapon handy. That’s the way it is, and protecting yourself and your other animals from an attacking dog or dogs is no different than any other type of self defense.

I have seen rabbits that have had their feet shredded and pulled through the bottoms of their hutches by roving dogs. Not a pretty sight.
Loose dogs are also a great hazard to horseback riders on trails, another instance where extreme force would be justified. Some very bad accidents and inures have occurred from dogs biting and spooking horses and their riders being thrown off their horse and the horse running away and injuring itself and/or running into traffic. Nothing fucking scarier than a dog coming at you and your horse on trail.

Dogs should be on leash and contained at all times to protect others, pets, livestock and wild life.
I have a huge problem with people letting their dogs chase and harass wild life as well, especially waterfowl which are prone to breaking their legs being forced to run on land.

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Only if you are friends with satin!! lol jk. I don’t say it’s legal.

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@Zachary_Mendes123, actually, the one who asked the question IS satan.

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It’s legal to take it back next door and ask your neighbour to keep it under better control.

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Forget legality. Try that quaint old custom of speaking with your neighbor over coffee.

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@Pachy one of my rare uses of the tilde because I wanted it to be clear I was joking. I don’t advocate shooting either. I’m sure @ragingloli can use its vast social skills to handle the situation.

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@flutherother Yes, but not if it is in the act of attacking your pets, then, too bad, bye bye doggy.

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@janbb, I knew that of course. But I altered my comment before your re-comment. ;-)

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I say, shoot ‘em all! Let Tempe Brennan sort ‘em out.

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I know this sounds horrible but….. A $25 kiddie BB gun like the Daisy Buck 105 is powerful enough to scare the dog away, while doing no permanent damage. It just stings.
It is virtually silent and costs almost nothing to operate. One pop near the butt and the dog will remember and stay out of your yard.
I use one to keep deer from emptying my bird feeders. It works.

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Be sure not to use a BB gun that has too much power, like a Crossman 760 “Pumpmaster”
I have a old Daisy, single pumper that looks like and cocks like a Winchester lever action rifle. Very low power but could still shoot a dog’s eye out. I always shoot at the dogs so that the BB grazes the hind quarter WITH the lay of the fur. (I once shot a bird with this old BB gun. 60 feet, about. Hit him in the neck, shot the bird’s head off!) So be careful!!

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@kritiper I use the grazing technique as well. I don’t want to cause any injury and the BB gun is sufficiently accurate to make such a shot. With it’s single, lever action, pump the Daisy Buck is relatively low power.

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