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How can I get rid of my second personality easily?

Asked by Zachary_Mendes123 (1237points) March 30th, 2017

It’s just getting out of hand. My second personality cost me my family, my friends, even my girlfriend. My second personalty is making me meaner and selfish. I don’t want to be mean anymore. Help?

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Easily? Ain’t going to happen but has been suggested elsewhere to you, therapy or a medical consultation would be a beginning.

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I just need it to be gone.

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Do you have an actual other personality, or moods you can’t control?

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I don’t really know what you mean by second personality. I’ve been following your other questions and it sounds like you are suffering from depression and some other potential mental health problems. I highly suggest that you see a doctor soon to get some help, understanding, and hopefully some relief. Please let us know when you have made an appointment.

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I have the 2nd personalty manly because I’m lonely and because I don’t have very many friends. Yes I’ve made an appointment with a doctor.

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@Zachary_Mendes123 I’m so glad to hear that you have made an appointment to see a doctor. Please keep us in the loop. I hope you can get some relief.

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What is a second personality?

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face palm Look it up.

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A split personality, or multiple personality is what we are talking about here.
It is a tricky situation which requires the help of a professional.

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Isn’t this the same thing as DID? Not to depress you, but I thought the condition is incurable, though treatable. You must already know that there’s no getting rid of it easily.

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@stanleybmanly, you kind of did depress me

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I did.
“Dissociation, the term that underlies the dissociative disorders including DID, lacks a precise, empirical, and generally agreed upon definition.”
“The most widely used model of dissociation conceptualizes DID as at one extreme of a continuum of dissociation, with flow at the other end, though this model is being challenged.”
“The prevailing post-traumatic model of dissociation and dissociative disorders is contested.It has been hypothesized that symptoms of DID may be created by therapists using techniques to “recover” memories (such as the use of hypnosis to “access” alter identities, facilitate age regression or retrieve memories) on suggestible individuals. Referred to as the “sociocognitive model” (SCM), it proposes that DID is due to a person consciously or unconsciously behaving in certain ways promoted by cultural stereotypes, with unwitting therapists providing cues through improper therapeutic techniques. This behavior is enhanced by media portrayals of DID.”

“Proponents of the SCM note that the bizarre dissociative symptoms are rarely present before intensive therapy by specialists in the treatment of DID who, through the process of eliciting, conversing with and identifying alters, shape, or possibly create the diagnosis.”
“DID is among the most controversial of the dissociative disorders, and among the most controversial disorders found in the DSM-IV-TR.[7] The primary dispute is between those who believe DID is caused by traumatic stresses forcing the mind to split into multiple identities, each with a separate set of memories,[13][17] and the belief that the symptoms of DID are produced artificially by certain psychotherapeutic practices or patients playing a role they believe appropriate for a patient suffering from DID.”
“Psychiatrist Joel Best notes that the idea that a personality is capable of splitting into independent alters is an unproven assertion that is at odds with research in cognitive psychology.”
“There is a general lack of consensus in the diagnosis and treatment of DID.”

All from Wikipedia page on Dissociative identity disorder aka DID, aka the multiple personality disorder.

Far from me to tell you you ain’t ill, but your problem may have some other name.

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There is no doubt you have a tough road ahead
“Hang onnnn, it’s gonna be a bumpy riiiide” but I think you can pull away from this and be stronger than any of us. You just need to tighten your shoelaces, and get started down that road.
We are here for you as long as you need a cheering section, a sounding board, or a shoulder to cry on.

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