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What is the best way to stay in NY?

Asked by Brew805 (150points) August 9th, 2008

I’m staying in New York, NY for 3 days with a lovely young lady at the end of the month. Obviously, it’s very expensive. The nice hostels are all booked for private rooms. My exact questions: is it best to fork up the money to stay at a hotel in the city (better experience, more convenient, etc), or should we just stay in a cheaper hotel in NJ because there isn’t much difference at all? Thanks for any answer and suggestions!

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It’s best to stay… alive.

Ok, I’d say in the city. There’s nothing like a NY experience – not that I’d know, I’ve never been – but I imagine it’s pretty cool.

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You can probably find a cheaper place in Brooklyn. And getting into Manhattan from Brooklyn is trivial.

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Stay in New Jersey. There are hotels in Fort Lee, and there are always buses. It only takes a few minutes to get over the G.W.B.

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I love kevbo’s suggestion but they are still not cheap though. But NJ is also a great option. They have some decently priced inns and hotels. I would recommend finding a place in hoboken or maybe edgewater. Its right on the other side of manhattan – so you always get the view. And getting to manhattan is pretty easy since you can take the ferry (from edge water) or the path train (from hoboken)

@pete: this time of the year it takes a lot more then few minutes to get over the bridge.

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Public transportation is so easy, NJ is a viable place to stay. I’m lucky, I have a friend in Andover, NJ that I stay with. We drive less than an hour to get into the city, spend the day at a museum, have a nice dinner, see a show, have a few drinks, and then head home to crash. It’s great.

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@mirza: true.

you can always walk across though.

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First, nothing is going to come close to the experience of staying in the city, but if that’s just not an option I’d suggest staying in Jersey but at a hotel that’s very (walking distance) close to a PATH train station. Hoboken or Journal Square might be fastest and easiest. If you’re driving (and I’m guessing you’re not—being in California) leave the car at the hotel and take the PATH train into the city each day. It connects with most all the subway lines and runs back to Jersey 24/7. This hotel and this one seem to be within stumbling walking distance to the station. Nothing can ruin a short New York experience faster than having to worry about driving and parking in Manhattan. Use our wonderful mass transportation and have a great time.

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I just recently stayed in New Jersey right outside NYC and then stayed in times square the next day just to save a little money. You could do that but if you do one or the other then stay in Times Square or where ever you’re going to be a lot. Definetly worth it even if you get a cheaper NYC hotel.

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Thanks for everything, folks! I actually am driving there… although I’m from CA, I’m on a cross country road trip (in Nashville right now). I’ll probably have to find a place to park my Vanagon for a few days. Anyways, thanks again, you guys are great!

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Try getting a room at the 92nd Street Y. They have several floors of dorm-style rooms with kitchens at the end of the hall. Very comfortable, plus you get access to the whole Y facilities. I lived there for one semester and it’s a fabulous location (upper East Side) and a great alternative to hotels.

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