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Is there perfume that makes you smell like freshly baked cookies?

Asked by ragingloli (51856points) April 28th, 2017

Or other foods.

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No, but there is one that smells like chicken. It’s called Chicken Permission.

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I Googled “Famous Amos scents” and I discovered this.

This is a question for the confection-oriented Bostonian.

I’ll let someone else Google “Mrs. Field’s fragrances”.

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Our mega-Walgreens has a fragrance bar that includes cookies, ... and funeral home and ‘dirt’ and chocolate and sea foam and…

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Apparently, there is. This is supposed to smell like sugar cookies. There are two others in their range that fit the bill too. One is a chocolate chip cookie fragrance and another smells of gingerbread.

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Don’t know, but if there were, my wife would be really tired.

Like every day.

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Sometimes women wear vanilla extract. I have tried that. It has quite an effect on some men. Cinnamon oil is fun too. It is spicy when licked.
There are body oils in every scent imaginable.

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There are lots of Vanilla scents, close to cookies for sure. I have a Vanilla body spray I use on my bedding, it is divine.

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Most cheap commercial girl perfumes. Strong artificial nauseating sweet, candy-like smell.

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Be careful. I think Loli is hungry.

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@AshlynM LOL,,Toast & Lobster perfume. What if you want to smell like a clam or a can of cat food?

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