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Why wouldn't it be a given that the conversations between a President and the head of FBI gets taped since it's not personal conversation?

Asked by flo (10756points) May 16th, 2017

And why does Trump care if anyone else has a tape of it?

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It is not a given . . . !

He (Trump) hopes it wasn’t !

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It is not a “given” because then people would be reluctant to disclose things for fear it puts them in a prosecutable position. And a President would not want to record things because then he can be held accountable for his mistakes and poor judgment.

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Tump isn’t scared. He insinuated that if there were tapes, Comey should worry.
Comey likely made some sort of threats behind closed doors.

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There is probably no tape. Even Trump would not be stupid enough to create a tape and then suggest that it exists. It could be potentially incriminating. Nixon got in trouble for the 18 minutes of his tape that got erased.

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@Patty_Melt of the two of them I find it easier to believe that Trump would be the one making threats. It is his modus operandi and only negotiating “skill” in his limited repertoire.

@LostInParadise There “might” be tapes. Trump has a personality that would think that in the future the world should be privy to his actions and awed by his massive intellect. He would also view them as a tool to be used to threaten others when “negotiating”.

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Ask Putin. He has digital recordings of everything.

(Oh wait. Never mind. Putin wouldn’t admit to having them. He knows how to handle Intel.)

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I know there is supposed to be transcript of the meetings of president and ..fill in the blank (I don’t know who’s excluded) What is the difference @zenvelo?

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@flo Why would there be a transcript? There is no legal requirement to document a conversation.

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You all understand that there are SECRETS talked about with the President and they shouldn’t be recorded for general publication only “Eyes only”.

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@zenvelo Why can’t the President of America do all the things that dictators do?

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@flo, because despite the desire by the current President for dictatorial powers, we are still a representative democracy, and power resides in the equal protection under the law.

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@zenvelo Was my last post a rhetorical question responding to your previous to last post?

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