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What is the biggest "what if" in your life?

Asked by Tbag (3330points) May 17th, 2017 from iPhone

Most of us have, at some point, ponder the “what if’s” and wonder what we would do if we could travel back in time. So, my question is if you would have things stay the same way? Or go back in time and do something about your biggest what if?

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What if I had not gone to college where I did. I would not have met my wife and what a tremendous impact that would have had on my life. Would I change that? Probably not. While not perfect I have been happy with my life overall and continue to be so.

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I would not change a single thing. I would repeat all the pain to get the joy I have today.

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What if Jimmy hadn’t dumped me for that civilian girl.
Yeah, that. I can’t even imagine how different my life would be. I’d likely be happy. The accident which damaged me would have never happened.
He and I were so good together.

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edit redacted.

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There are so life has been like that only!

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What if I had married a man for the right reasons the first time rather than for immature reasons like he was hysterical, a terrific musician, ambitious and I loved his parents? He ended up being a total nut job with a violent temper. I have to be honest and admit I at least had a lot of fun with him. Most people would. I think he helped destroy our daughter while the other daughter turned out to be a dream .

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What if I had said yes?

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Certainly, there are things in my life I would prefer had been different. I have made decisions I now think were not the best choices. My circumstances at different times have held me back from reaching my potential. However, I wouldn’t change anything. Sure, I have ‘what ifs’, but if things changed, I would also miss out on things that are truly fabulous about my life.

Had I not married my first husband, I would not have the children I have now. And I love and adore my children.

Had I had more opportunities in my youth, I would have had a different career, but then I might never have emigrated to Australia and I wouldn’t have met the man I am now married to.

Had I completed a degree when I was younger, I doubt I would have continued to study and i wouldn’t have the career I have now.

Every change in my life would have a consequence. One small detour from the path I have taken would lead me in a different direction to opportunities I took and now treasure.

So I think we all have ‘what ifs’, but I wouldn’t actually change a thing in my life.

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What if God turns out to be exactly like Gilbert Gottfried ??

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