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Here I am all you people from Askville!

Asked by Kar (278points) August 10th, 2008

I need to make some friends here. I just joined up today, and never expected to see so many of you – it’s just like being at home! Do you think most of the people I had on my friend’s list at Askville are here now? How do you guys like it here so far?

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I’ve been here for a few days, but since I’m pretty shy, mostly lurking and trying to learn the “culture”. They have certainly made us feel welcome! You’d think they’d be leery of a band of rejects from another Q&A site, but so far they’re letting us stay!

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This place and these people are fantastic!! We are learning to become fluthers – leaving Av behind. The members here are great – the mods are present – not hiding behind a report button, so if you need help you get it! And you don’t have to use %^^*^ – you are allowed to be an adult, here! Oh, in case you don’t reconise my lime head, I was turbob.

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I’m here! I think you’ll meet some very kind experienced Fluthers, too!

I’m still catching up with my friends, I’m slow and a slacker…you guys know I’m a major slacker!! :)

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welcome to the club kar this place is very cool and since they aren’t looking for points on this site the friends here are more willing to answer your questions so welcome welcome welcome…I have only been here a few days but I like what I see so far.

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I you want to make friends please take a look at marissas profile. She has added plenty of you to her fluther and I’m sure you can all find each other through there.
Also, use the search feature. If you search “Askville” there are more questions about finding each other and meeting people. You can use those as references.

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This is a fun (but different) site. I like that the format is almost more like answering on a DB. It feels better and better the more I use it. There’s a lot going on here, and not much happening at AV. I wrote a similar question here and on AV and AV is quiet as a morgue today. Welcome!

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here’s a link to marissa’s profile, to supplement allie’s answer.

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I’m here and I’m Flurthering you!

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[Fluther Moderator]: Welome to Fluther Kar! and other ex-AV-ers :) We hope you enjoy becoming part of our community.

Like others, I really enjoy the experience of this “collective,” and just want to let you know that anytime you have a question for us, you can click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page. Also, if there is ever occasion where you need to flag a particular discussion or reply (post) in a discussion thread, just use the “Flag As” button, and we mods will respond promptly.

Also, if you have a moment, take a look at some of the guidelines for posting/formatting questions here.

Also, there is a chat room for anyone interested in some light conversation here.

Thanks and welcome to the collective!

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Thank you, to you and all the other very welcoming Fluthers!

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Hi Kar! I love it here!

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Hey Kar your not alone I just joined myself.

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I love it here too Kar, glad to see you, here! And you look pretty in pink ;-)

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Hey guys, go to the home page and look at some of the questions. Unfortunately, we may be doing a little of what was done to us! Make sure you are taking the time to look around and meet people. There are some really nice people here, but some are starting to get a little irriated.

Remember how we felt with the influx of newbies? They might be feeling the same way.

Carla!!! Good to see you! :)

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We are excited and glad to see you all here; best thing I can suggest is to browse the site, and get a feel for the function and “flow” of discussions, and particularly, forming of questions.

I think you’ll find some very stimulating conversations and information sharing happening when there are constructive, genuine questions being asked of the collective.

One of my favorite things to do is to click on the topic list on the right-hand margin, and browse topics randomly…a lot of fun if you tire of the recently posted questions. Also the Fluther Blog will give you some background as to the site’s design, its administrators, and the fun things happening in the community.

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welcome :)

Enjoy your stay and Fluther away.

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Welcome, enjoy the experience :)

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I Like Fluther a lot!

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Me too Cat. :)

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Welcome to Fluther, Askers! Fluther on.

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Thanks Knotmyday!

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Thank you Knotmyday
happy day to ya

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I’ve been here a couple of days. Just checking things out. The chat feature is a little overwhelming. I’m a very old dog when it comes to learning new tricks. I would like to know who has come over from the dark side, too

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There are quite a few suspenders and volunteer suspenders here. Are you going back GGirl?

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It’s a matter of time-I go back to work a week from today’ Actually I didn’t accept suspension. When I got tossed from the horse, I just climbed right back on. I am also patrickhenry over there. Maybe by coming out of the closet I will get reported and permantly suspended and that will be that. Otherwise patrickhenry will retire and galileogirl will see if AV has anything left worth visiting. Time is too precious to be wasted. And this is a very attractive alternative..

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This is a great alternative! The longer I’m here, the better I like it.

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Well as one of volunteer suspention folks I was really missing the place. I went back this morning but, low an behold when I got home from work this is where I came to first thing. That’s saying something.

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Me, too, Carla. I’ve been back to AV for a few minutes each day, but have spent loads of time here.

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I think I will only be checking in for my book DB and Fanomos ( my weight loss group) I think that’s all for now.

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I’m gradually learning my way around fluther after a few days, and I’m beginning to like it. I go back to Askville for a few minutes each day, and it still seems dead and doesn’t hold my interest.

It’s nice to see so many Askville avatars here.

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