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Do you tell your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about Fluther, and encourage them to check it out?

Asked by jca (35976points) March 8th, 2014

I tell very few people about Fluther. I am afraid that if I tell certain people, they will try to figure out which Jelly is “me” and then be able to research what I have written about work, family, whatever. I feel like it would be almost a violation of my privacy.

Do you tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors about Fluther? Do you try to convince people to come check it out and see if they like it?

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Only ever told the wife & kids who mostly roll their eyes & shrug their shoulders.

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I do not want any of my family members of friends to find me on Fluther. As a result, I have not shared the website with any of them and have no plans to do so in the future. My significant other has an account, but posts very rarely.

I have revealed information on Fluther that I am not ready to share with most people I know. Conversely, there is a lot of personal information about me—such as my name—that I am unwilling to post here. I have drawn my boundaries and stick quite closely to them.

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I tell my friends about Fluther, which I refer to as my “question and answer site”. When they ask the name of the site, I tell them.
My niece was on this site, for a while. My friend, who told me about Fluther, left long ago.

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Absolutely not. Anonymity is so valuable here.

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Hahaha. Hell no.

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I have told many people about my “question and answer site” as well. I’m not sure if anyone I know has joined as a result, but no one seems too interested when I mention it.

My wife was on here for a few months and left.

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I only told one person a good friend but happy she didn’t join since I talk about some things here that I wouldn’t normally talk about in the real world.

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Only my daughter who is a member too but doesn’t pop in much these days as she is super busy. I mention to some that I participate in an internet Q&A,/intellectual forum but no, I do not share, nor do I want to. I like having fluther be my little escape and do not wish to share with others I know.

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My husband knows about Fluther, but has no interest in joining. He’s just not into things like this. Sometimes we’ll talk about questions/answers I read here, but mostly I keep Fluther to myself.

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I haven’t, and I will never tell anyone about Fluther, let alone encourage them to participate.

For some “special” people, I don’t want them to know I’m here. I have shared too many “sensitive” secrets here and it would be a disaster if those secrets got leaked to them.

For the rest of the world, I know even if I told them, they wouldn’t be interested. I may even risk being called “a jerk” as I participate in such a less-known website while everyone uses more popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. They shouldn’t know I’m here for privacy’s sake too.

So, just let Fluther be my shelter, where I have fun and be alone…

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Sometimes I get a literal roll of the eyes from the S/O, sometimes mental, occasional interest. I have mentioned Fluther as the name of the site, but not often.

Fluther is commonly referred to as “That site I go to” or “That place where I kill time on the internet.”

There’s nothing archived here that I couldn’t deal with, or bluff my way through. But having to do that would ruin my Fluther experience.

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On a side note, I seriously do not understand why this question does not have 11 GQ ratings.

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I don’t tell many people anymore. When I first joined I did tell more people about it.

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@Mimishu1995 if I lurved @jca any more we’d be fraternal twins.

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I, too, don’t tell people. Are we our own worst enemy? We like the place and want more people to join but we don’t want them to know we are here. Strange.

Does anyone know how we can help promote the site without promoting it openly? Should we have two browsers open, sign in as a guest, and click ads? Are there better ways? Would another application to google help? Is there a grease monkey script that can work magic?

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Whatever you do, don’t click ads thinking they will get revenue from it. It hasn’t worked like that for over a decade. All that will happen is that they get banned from the ad network they use.

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@johnpowell Thanks for the info. i won’t do it.
That shows you how long it’s been since I’ve allowed popups and ads on my browser.

Do you have other suggestions?

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No, I talk about a lot of personal situations here, to try to illustrate things in my real life to help other people, but it would be pretty obvious who I was if any friends or family came on here. They probably wouldn’t be thrilled. This is a place where I can remain anonymous, while at the same time, discuss personal matters.

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People simply have little interest in blogging and having deep discussions about anything where I live. I’ve tried with other sites too that I frequent, but to no avail, and maybe it’s a good thing.

Many people I know will use something like Facebook, but usually to make a retarded comment about another person, bash Obama or to showcase their personal lives. Most people where I live never even heard of Wiki. This is surprising considering that some of these guys/girls have college degrees, and have been using computers most of their lives.

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It never occurred to me.

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I tell them about it, and have tried to get a few to join. Problem is everyone here is French and Fluther is English, so nobody’s joined. :/

But I’ve been asked about three times by some people to see if I could ask a question on here about something they were wondering about, that which they could find no information about anywhere. Worked two out of those three or four times. :)

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I told my wife about Fluther, but her only response has been, “What’s Flooder?”. ;-p


Do you remember what questions of theirs you asked here?

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I’d have to look em up to be precise, but yeah, one was about televisions, and another about taxes or something. Those are the ones that worked out. Another one that worked out here was about these weird lights we saw in the sky and didn’t know what they were. Granted my roommate and I both wondered, but it was her idea for me to ask on here. It was solved; perfectly scientific explanation lol. Some other questions weren’t solved, I don’t remember what they were. I could look all that up, I’ll know if I go through all my questions, I’ll recognize them, and the incidents behind them.

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In short, no.

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@Brian1946 You need to say “No, dear, it’s called Fluffer!” and see if you can get her attention. lol

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No. My husband is the only one that knows I’m a member here, and he has no interest in things like this.

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It seems that I’m the only one here who seriously, genuinely doesn’t want anyone to know I’m here ;p

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@Mimishu1995 I know you are here.

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My husband joined and has asked and answered a couple of questions. Q&A sites aren’t his thing, so he’s very rarely here. I mentioned Fluther to someone on another site, thinking that he would have been an asset. He said he wasn’t interested, so I let it go.

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Sure I do, but I don’t encourage them to participate.

I try to explain some situations here for their third-party advice on occasion. Like the theist versus atheist debacles.

I’m pretty much an open book, but I wouldn’t necessarily like my mom to see that I’ve told you guys about her alcoholism in the past, then she join here, awkward.

@ibsturo One of my guy friends thought I was saying that once, it was hilarious.

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No. I like the fact that I can be honest here as no one really “knows” me. My fellow jellies know more about me than even my closest friends and family.

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Yeah some of my posts are a bit personal too. It’s probably better this way.

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Initially I did, but those who signed up soon lost interest after an initial flurry.

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It has never come up in conversations. Not once has anyone asked me what Q&A site I visit. And, being introverted, I don’t offer it up.

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I’ve told loads of people about it, even though it’s common knowledge that I go by ‘augustlan’. I’m not a very private person, so it never bothered me that people in my real life might see what I’ve written here. Heck, my three kids are members, and have been since each turned 13!

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@augustlan That’s because you don’t share as many dirty secrets here as me :)

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Yeah, I totally do. :D

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Hell no!! my circle of friends and family would surely hate it.

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