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If you have ketoidal scarring is there a way when having or have had past surgerys lessen the degree of pronounced thick wide scarring? Would plastic surgery be an option or not?

Asked by Stargater (365points) December 14th, 2009

I have this problem and having now just had an operation on the front of my throat was wondering if there is any way to minimise the scarring that i know is sure to follow

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Often when surgical fixes are tried on Keloid scarring, the resulting scars will also be keloid scars. These scars may be larger than the original.

I’ve heard that compression bandages on the area are one of the best ways to prevent/reduce the effects of new scarring…

However, it’s best to remember that I’m not a medical professional. I’d consult a specialist, and then perhaps get a second opinion from another.

Good luck.

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The risk with plastic surgery is that the scar will get bigger, probably. The best you can do is use silicone pads and or cream. Good luck!

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@Lovethesun I thought it would be a no no :(
And i thankyou for your response.

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