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I just caught a mouse. What can I feed it?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) August 10th, 2008

it was swimming in the water bowl left out for the dog. It looks very young and we probably just scared the shit out of it. Help!

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you can feed it sun flower seeds and nuts and bread almost anything but dairy cause that weakens it’s lungs and heart

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we put some trail mix in the little box…peanuts, almonds, raisins, dates, and i think maybe some dried pineapple…is that ok? Mice eat fruit right?

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pretty sure you’ll be good with those items…haven’t you seen ratatouille?

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yes…but well, that’s a Pixar cartoon…and not necessarily biologically accurate

Good movie tho :-)

He’s not moving at all….probably because he’s scared shitless…do you think he’d be better with the lights off?

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is he wild? you might just want to let him outside. unless you have a pet snake, heh.

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To a snake.

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Side question: If dairy weakens its heart and lungs (see nightshade’s response above), then why do they always portray mice as loving/devouring/searching for cheese?

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Let it go. Wild rodents can carry all kinds of diseases and don’t make good pets.

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@Allie… I know beer is bad for me. But I will still punch your mom if she has one and I don’t. Hyperbole.. But you get the idea.

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vinegar and baking soda

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Just feed it birdseed.

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@jp- agreed, as shameful as it is to say…

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Put a cloth or something over its cage so it’s dark. Also put a toilet paper tube on there for a ‘hide’ and for chewing. Release it in a few days outside once it gets it’s strength back.

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I woke up this morning and it had disappeared. Which was weird, because it’s not like there’s a hole where it gnawed its way out, and the box isn’t knocked over. I can only guess that it jumped straight up out of the box and ran away. Thanks for the help everyone!

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JP (and Randy): You’ll never catch my mom with a beer. She prefers margaritas much more. And I know you won’t be snatching my beer. (Glares.)

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