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Whats your theory behind the Scaramucci firing?

Asked by Pandora (32021points) July 31st, 2017

Okay. So Scaramucci’s official begin day wasn’t suppose to start till mid August but he was already working at the White House. Then he says things that most people would understand could get him fired. But it distracted from Kushners inquiries and the health bill. Then thirdly, he quickly attacked Priebus and got him out of the way for Trump. Also he was a long time friend and last week they said that the Kushners wanted Scaramucci to join.

So I’m beginning to think that this was just all a game to guide the media onto something else while they play squash the bug in the White House so we can get Kelly on board.

Maybe that is why his wife is leaving. She couldn’t believe he was willing to trash their reputation, for a job that didn’t really exist, but maybe for promises of more riches down the road.

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Hey! Little Tony’s a mechanic. Mechanics do dat.

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@kritiper Could you explain what is it that Mechanic do that is similar? Is it, the trashing of their reputation for more money?

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It was simply putting right the big mistake in hiring him.I think it was likely at John Kelly’s insistence.

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No, I think Scaramucci’s ego is way too big to allow himself to be used as a pawn in Trump’s stupid games. He was an embarrassment to John Kelly from the git go and I really think that was one of Kelly’s requirements before being hired. Get rid of the foul mouthed idiot thug or I won’t accept the job.

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Any notion that the Trump White House is intelligent enough to orchestrate a farce such as this hiring and firing in order to distract from larger scandals is giving them far too much credit for expertise and creativity.

There is no theory. It’s simple chaos. No more. No less.

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Kelly must have told Trump “If I am to be effective, I need to get rid of the little pissant”. And Trump said OK.

I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.

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He was getting more attention for getting the nasty stuff done at the White House. Than Trump was. Full front page of the NY Post.

Trump does not like anyone stealing th e spotlight.

Also, Kelly probably told Trump “he had to go to get the West Wing focused on their work.”

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Completely agree with @zenvelo and @elbanditoroso.

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I also agree. And other snakes will probably be eliminated as well. I’m baffled that Kelly agreed to what can only be a suicide mission. Answerable only to Trump means that he starts at the top. It really is extraordinary that Kelly is in place. I still can’t believe that Trump had the good sense to pay attention to whoever it was recommending Kelly. I’d be willing to bet that Kelly extracted a promise from Trump to behave as well. But we all know what that’s probably worth. The fascinating thing for me in this revolves around whether or not Kelly can hold out long enough to bring stability to what amounts to a pack of hyenas.

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~Maybe Trump couldn’t learn how to spell Scaramucci . Schwarzenegger too. Tounge in cheek . I cut and pasted both names from Google. So I’m guilty too.

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I happen to know Kelly.
He would never tolerate a douche like Scaramucci.

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@Pandora Mechanics fix things. Or kill people.

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Trump took a long look at him, and saw what we all see when we look at Trump.

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Simple stupidity from the get go. From Trump and Scarmucci.

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There is no 3D chess going on.

They are simply idiots.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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I think somebody kept playing that old Queen song really loud in the White House

Scara-MOOCH, Scara-MOOCH
Can you do the fanDANGO ??

And with very hurt feelings…..he just quit…..

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I think that Trump was drawn to him initially because he’s the same, foul mouthed, greasy scum bag as Trump is. He found that attractive.
After his first press conference though, in which he proved himself to be a foul mouthed, greasy scumbag, his advisors jumped in with both feet. No more tip-toeing around like they’ve done with past presidents who could actually make a rational decision with the information they get from their advisors. I think they said, “He’s, out, NOW.” Not sure how they convinced Trump to listen to them.
This is all speculation, anyway.

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