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Is Tropic Thunder really going to be that good?

Asked by Edgarex86 (110points) August 11th, 2008

After watching pineapple express, I am kinda smitten. I wonder if “blockbuster” movie is gonna to be any good

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Downey is great, but I hate Jack Black. Tie breaker is Stiller, who is off and on.

I guess we’ll see!

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I agree, the whole premise is kinda banal. It doesn’t really jump off the page for me. I bet it is going to suck. BUT I hope Robert Downey Jr. kicks some ass

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I’m looking forward to it. Hoping to see The Pineapple Express tomorrow.

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All i needed to see was Robert Downey Jr. is playing a black man. Thats enough to make me go watch that movie. ^_^

mcbealer Pineapple Express was AWESOME

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