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How competent will Trump's FEMA be?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26326points) August 24th, 2017

Hurrican Harvey is about to hit Texas. Lots of flooding expected up and down the east coast of Texas and south Louisiana.

FEMA is usually called on to assist citizens in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Do you expect a FEMA response like GW Bush had with Katrina in 2005? (which was close to a disaster!)

Or do you expect a FEMA competency like Craig Fugate (Obama’s FEMA head) showed?


MY thoughts go out to the Texans who will be deluged this weekend.

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25 inches of rain will take weeks to drain from some areas. Thoughts and prayers for all affected !

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I would love to throw this on Trump as well. But I don’t think I will judge Trump,at the moment , for FEMA’s short comings, or successes.

I’ve been flooded out twice in 3 years. Lost most of my belongings. One time FEMA was quick,and helpful. The other time, it was a nightmare…

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Texas voted for Trump so they should be fine.

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You can’t look at Bush’s response, because the governor of LA had not requested help. I don’t excuse Bush, because I think he should have broken the law and gone into LA anyway, but it isn’t as clear cut as Bush didn’t do anything.

Has TX already put in their request to the fed to declare certain counties disasters? That’s what they need to do if they haven’t.

I don’t credit the fed when FL gets through a hurricane well, I credit the state, even though the fed does help us.

It’s our governor who requests help before the storm so communication is unnecessary immediately after. It’s our governor who gets on TV in 4 languages before the storms hits and gets the message out. It’s our local news that gets the evacuation information out. It’s our local news and municipalities that inform residents when bridges will be locked. It’s our state that reverses the highways so all lanes, both sides, travel one direction. Literally, sections of the interstate and turnpike has been all lanes one direction during evacuations. Its very odd to see. It’s our state that suspends toll fees. It’s our local news that reinforces there will be zero emergency services to help you once winds are sustained above 40, you will be on your own. No police, no ambulance, no fireman. It’s our state evacuation and shelter plans that keep people safe. It’s our local police that go close to the beach knocking on doors and doing what they can to evacuate the areas.

FEMA is very important in the aftermath, but so much goes into it beforehand. If people are evacuated well there is less urgency for FEMA.

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^FEMA also deals with property damage, and other things that occur during a natural disaster.

They(FEMA) work with the SBA, and other organizations.

They can give people some compensation for losses. Or , help someone get their business running ASAP after a disaster.

They have a lot of roles to play. Sometimes, I guess they’re overrun by demand, like any other company /organization…

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^^True. But, I think a lot of that has to do with if the owners pay into flood insurance. Although, part of it probably has nothing to do with that, and the fed just steps into help anyway.

I was assuming the Q was about immediate suffering after the hurricane, like the disaster we saw with Katrina.

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I’m just thinking, I’m pretty sure FEMA pays money out to illegal immigrants as long as they have a child who is a citizen. The Trump people will love that if I’m right. ~

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I always shudder to think how Trump and his appointees deal with any major crisis, and here is a sobering news piece on this one.

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I was just googling and I can’t find what Harvey’s forward motion is, nor the size of the eye. That storm looks pretty crappy—large and messy. I hope the eye doesn’t hit a very populated area. I’m going to put the Weather channel on in a little bit.

Has anyone seen live reports? Are the bands bringing in a lot of rain? It doesn’t look that bad yet to me on the radar picture I saw. Yet being the operative word.

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I’m sure he’ll give some speech full of incoherent bluster from some golf club or other while he claims that so many more hurricanes hit under Obama and it’s not his fault that the weather happened, and it’s the scientist’s fault that Texas isn’t covered by a weatherproof glass dome because they have the technology but the scientists only protect lib’rul cities and we should all remember that in 2020 when it’s time to vote for him again.

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You can’t look at Bush’s response, because the governor of LA had not requested help. I don’t excuse Bush, because I think he should have broken the law and gone into LA anyway, but it isn’t as clear cut as Bush didn’t do anything.

For you @JLeslie

I worked for the governor of Louisiana during Katrina. Here are 5 things I learned.

It turns out I was naive — or maybe just too busy to stop and ponder why Katrina might not be like 9/11. It did not immediately occur to me that the Bush White House would deflect blame for its failures or try to pin the botched response almost entirely on Louisiana officials. I believe it was Wednesday morning — just two days after the storm hit — when James Carville called me. “Get ready,” he said, “the White House is about to start putting the blame on you guys. It’s gonna get ugly.”

He was right. Within 24 hours, a barrage of negative stories began. Some were outright lies: By Friday, the Washington Post and Newsweek were reporting, on the word of a Bush aide, that Blanco had not yet declared a state of emergency. In fact, she had done so three days before the storm. The document was on our website. No one had called to ask us for comment. The Post quickly ran a correction, but it was clear that Karl Rove and other Bush aides were working hard to shift the blame, to paint the governor and the state as incompetent.

It’s a good read about how access to media has become the ultimate trump card…

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^^I’ll read it. I can’t focus on it now, but I’ll go back to it. Very interesting. Thank you. I always said the state and NOLA did evacuate areas, and did have the people in shelters, the problem was in the aftermath not enough help. So, I never liked that people made it seem like the state and municipalities did nothing. That wasn’t true. I actually gave to mayor credit for going on TV and saying, “we need help, I don’t care what happens to me, but I’ll say it, we have people jonesing, because they are in withdrawal, and it’s getting really bad.” Something like that.

I saw Bush years after he was out of office in an interview say that he made mistakes regarding Katrina. He admitted to some of it.

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@JLeslie I Googled “heck of a job, Brownie” and came upon Michael Brown’s Wikipedia page. There’s talk there about the deflection of responsibility.

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He said Good Luck a lot while accosting a small child. So that is comforting.. I guess.

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Glorious Leader has already granted good luck on those in the path of the hurricane. They will be fine under his auspicious whim. He stared and pointed at the Sun, and the Sun hid behind the Moon. If Glorious Leader can move the Sun then surely a meager storm is no match for his will.

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@Darth_Algar the problem with Glorious Leader is he thinks he had something to do with Moon passing between the Sun and Earth.

Wait until he finds out FEMA will pay anyone impacted, you don’t have to be Republican or a US legal citizen.

Maybe he’ll deputize Joe Arpaio to stand outside the FEMA offices to arrest all dark haired and brown eyed people in line. SMH

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