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What are the things that you would like your partner to keep with themselves?

Asked by imrainmaker (7240points) September 9th, 2017

Humour welcome.

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Kids, debts, STDs, opinions.
All he needs is to obey.

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Any accurate description of my butt and/or thighs.

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Toe nail clippings

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Do you mean keep to themself? That means something different than to keep with themself.

The first example might be something like not repeating what you said about your money problems.

The second example might involve flatulence, or making sure to carry his cell phone ar all times.

Not sure which example you mean?

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Nothing, I want to know it all. He is very bad about letting me know what is going on.

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@Kardamom – My bad..I mean the first one. I guess people got what i meant and responded accordingly.

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Their past relationships. It makes my mind go haywire.

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