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Do you like to draw/paint?

Asked by rockfan (12925points) September 16th, 2017 from iPhone

If yes, do you draw/paint professionally? For recreation? Therapy? What’s your favorite medium?

I’m taking an introductory drawing class and really enjoying it. I practice every day and I’ve actually noticed that my depression and anxiety have shown some improvement.

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I did in the past. I like doing pencil drawings and I also took painting classes. I haven’t produced any art for a long time and it’s actually something I’m working on rectifying. I have set myself a goal to do a portrait of my husband for his birthday, and part of that is to help provide more balance in my life and to resolve issues with depression. I’m glad your art is helping you @rockfan. I’ve long felt having creative outlets is good for our mental health.

I’m also starting an outline for a creative novel too.

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Yes! Drawing has been my favorite hobby. I can now both draw on paper and computer though the quality isn’t guarantee. I just don’t have much time for it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t produce.

I work better with graphite. For some reason I just don’t do well with color. And beside, it’s faster working with pencils alone. The results sometimes look dull though.

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@Earthbound_Misfit That’s a great birthday idea!

I might draw a portrait of my Mom’s dog for her birthday, which is in a few weeks

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I will sometimes paint or draw comics to get my mind off of crazy things.

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My perfectionism makes it impossible to do art. I keep tweaking until I end up with something Thomas Kinkade would try to sell.

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Yes, though not very well. I don’t practice frequently enough to improve much. I paint digitally.

We have a really great artist here on Fluther but I know we’re not supposed to “name names.” I hope she’ll chime in.

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Yes I draw or paint most days of the week.

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I’m actually quite a good artist…if I were 4 years old. My mind works better with mechanics and math.

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