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Should I ask this girl out?

Asked by ono58 (10points) September 24th, 2017

There is this girl that walks by on the same street at the same time that I drive by on my way to work and I happen to think she is very beautiful. I was wondering if I should ask this girl out or not and if I should how do I go about doing so. Do I pull up next to this girl on the sidewalk from my car or do I park my car get out and walk up to her? What should I say or do? Keep in mind we are both complete strangers to each other.

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Sounds kinda creepy to me but sure, ask her out. If she says no you have not lost anything.

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You don’t pull up next to her in your car. That’s not a good idea at all. Maybe, on a day you have off work, take a walk at the same time you’d normally drive. It is a bit weird, but if you are also walking it’ll be less out of ordinary. Make some general small talk first. Don’t just ask her out the very first time.

Do not pull up to her in your car. If someone did that to me, I would probably take that in a threatening way, unless I knew the person. As you said you guys are strangers. So not a good idea to do that. Only repeated it because I think it’s important that you understand that.

Also, It looks like you posted this question twice? I just saw the same titled question posted by you twice, only read the description of one. Try not to double post.

Welcome to Fluther, By the way :)

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Gotta do this shit on foot. Rolling by in your car is rape whistle territory.

And just walking up on the street will probably result in failure unless you are super hot.

I would probably stalk a bit more until you can find places she is idle. Maybe she goes to a library a lot or a coffee place. That is where you can make it so it increases her difficulty to get away. That is how you want to start a healthy relationship!!

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Kind of been thinking about this a bit more.
There’s no way for you to ask her out without the chance of her getting creeped out.

If you just pull up in your car, she’s going to probably take that in a threatening way and/or will just ignore you.

If you pull up in your car, then get out and walk towards her she is definitely going to think you are going to attack or kidnap her or something malicious.

If you just randomly start talking to her that’ll probably be awkward. I’ve been going for walks around my neighbourhood for a few years now, never been approached by anyone ever. So I’d be very scared if a stranger did it randomly.

Not sure how you would do this in a non creepy way.

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Welcome to Fluther.

If you don’t have a puppy, see if you can borrow a friend’s puppy to walk it on the sidewalk you see her on, and hope that she stops you to start a conversation.

Once the conversation has started you can admit to her (in fact, I would recommend that you admit to her) that it’s not your puppy, and that you only wanted to meet her, but have her make the first move.

Having her make the first move – however you manage to accomplish that – can mean a lot.

Good luck.

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^I don’t know. That still seems stalkerish by telling her you borrowed the dog to meet her. Why not just let it go at “I’m walking a dog for a friend”? Just my opinion .

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Of course it’s “stalkerish” in exactly the same way that Mark Twain described Tom Sawyer’s antics to get Polly’s attention. Which is to say that it’s the way boys have been trying to get girls’ attention forever without being called “stalkers”.

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I don’t think anyone ever has gotten a date by shouting out a car window, or stopping a car, getting out, and pursuing a woman on foot.

It is, however, a fantastic way to make her think you’re a rapist.

The puppy thing might work if you’re really smooth about it. It might at least get you talking long enough to find out whether she’s available or interested. Or, you’ll learn quickly she just wants to walk without being bothered.

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yes if you are interested in her.
Just ask a sister,or female friend to casually mention to her that someone wants to meet here.
Like at a coffee shop or cafe, something where the three ( non threatening situation) have a meeting.
Good idea if your female friends get to know here first, then another time introduce you to the group>

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What if she’s scared of dogs?

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Do you really want to date someone who’s scared of dogs?

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Hm. Wondering how I’d feel if I met someone with a cute dog, stopped to talk, and then he told me he just borrowed the dog hoping to get my attention so he could ask me out. I honestly think I’d be intrigued.

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@dutches It would depend on my age. Right now no. In my twenties, maybe.

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Well, yeah! It would freak me out a bit now.

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I think I’m more concerned that you are asking the jellies how to guide your love life.

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