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Does anyone else get PVC's?

Asked by tan253 (2457points) September 24th, 2017

I took myself to ER just yesterday because my heart was beating so oddly, I’ve actually had it most of my life, – well since my period started. Lately each month they are getting stronger and last much longer. I definitely have been under added stress (as you’ll all know)
Does anyone else here get bad heart palpitations? I’m getting more blood tests done and the Dr will put me forward for a cardiogram? I think that’s what it’s called but he’s said after the ECG and listening that everything sounds normal, he also heard a missed beat as well and wasn’t concerned.
They concern me no end!
Anyone else get these horrible things quite constantly?

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I should add it doesn’t beat fast when I get the PVC’s it just misses beats, when I took myself to ER, however, it was 140 but I was super high on anxiety! oh and prescribed Xanax ( I must go get that!)

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I miss a beat (diagnosed as wenckenbach) I only feel it when I’m at rest and combined with my heart rate being very fast or slow while at rest. My heart rate gets fast or slow when I am over or under medicated for my thyroid. What I have is benign, very common (I was told supposedly 10% of the population has it) but most people are unaware they have it.

When I feel it and my heart rate is slow (under 60) I feel like I could die in the middle of the night. I don’t obsess about it, but I’m just saying it feels like my whole body stops for that moment that I miss the beat.

It was not found on a 30 second EKG. It was found when I wore a cardiac halter overnight.

Did the ER actually see what you were feeling on the EKG? Did the doctor hear a murmur? Or, he said he actually heard your heard skip a beat?

Your heart rate was very high. I think you were having a panic attack. Is your blood pressure very low typically?

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I used to. I thought it was just anxiety. Then my doctor realized I had been on a combination of medications for 3 years that interact and cause heart palpitations. No previous doc or pharmacist had ever noticed before.

In your case it sounds like it could be anxiety.

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Yes I get them off and on. I had to wear a holter monitor a few months back for 24 hours to check it out. My doc said it was nothing to worry about as they weren’t that serious or frequent and that it was probably anxiety. They freak me out though, I must tell you.

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I had pVCs for several years like 10–20 per minute! Everything checkednojt fine with the doctor. I started taking vitamins and they disappeared.

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Hey guys, firstly I love Fluther… thank you for taking the time to answer. The Dr said he didn’t hear a murmur or anything that made him think it was anything other than a bening PVC. I get these really bad every month so I’m wondering if it’s hormonal? They rarely bother me during outside of menstrual time. I’ve just gone and done more blood tests today but yes I’m thinking it’s all anxiety fuelled and given how anxious I’ve been lately I guess that answers that – but they are just so damn scary!!!

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@tan253 good to hear. I understand because for a few years like I said I would sometimes get 20 beats per minute and this was 24/7 and scary for me. They just recently stopped a month ago and I think it may have to do with the multivitamins my doctor put me on…. I constantly checked my heart rate lol.

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Oh wow @chelle21689 so crazy that our hearts can beat like this and it be benign (hopefully)
Even if it’s heart disease I guess it’s ‘fixable’ to a point. Im not a fan of just having to live with something though (like an eye twitch as an example) i need to know WHY it’s happening!!
Is it age – as you get older they get stronger!
But tht sounds like me 20 in a minute… 24/7 – especially after eating (anything)

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@tan253 I would often get them after eating too. I found that strange.

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Maybe try a multi vitamin? Lol it worked for me, it probably took a few months to kick in. I’m assuming that’s what contributed to no more PVCs. It was about three months when I just realized I had no more PVCs. It was like a miracle!.

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They have pretty much left today, all my bloods came back fine, but I hope the Dr still puts me into a specialist to get a Holter or something else just to be safe, same pattern every month though – 4 or 5 days of what feels like constant PVC’s and then period, I still get them but not as bad and I barely notice them. What is up with that! Will take a multi and I have been taking extra fish oil so maybe it’s that?

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I had like three EKGs, an echocardiogram, wore a holster monitor and they didn’t find anything. I had bloodwork done and years later I went to the doctor again to try and see a specialist. Good thing I didn’t spend more money though because something as simple as nutrients or diet could be the cause. I had PVCs 24/7 so I was convinced something was wrong with me even though they said it was benign.
I found that it did worsen when I had big and heavy meals, high in sodium, or drank alcohol.

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