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Can astrologers actually predict the future?

Asked by Anonymous05 (185points) October 6th, 2017 from iPhone

My friend asked an astrologer a question about her relationship and the astrologers said she was gonna find someone new at the end of the summer, and then told her hooray chart showed he was around someone new and not thinking about her as much. And they told her she shouldn’t be involved with him in any way. It’s a guy she’s on and off with because she has a complicated situation going on with him, but I told her not to trust astrologers. That’s like physics. I believe in God giving people free will.

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Physics is real science. Astrology is not.

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Your description contradicts itself. ”... she was gonna find someone new at the end of the summer wouldn’t be ”... It’s a guy she’s on and off with because she has a complicated situation going on with him. Did she find someone new? No.

Even the idea of the planets having predictive insight in our lives is fraught with error: the current zodiac was set millennia ago, but the stars have shifted to where the alignments bear no relation to reality.

Don’t fall for superstition.

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For people who are open to listening to a good astrologer, it can offer interesting perspectives and possibilities, but generally isn’t that kind of specific fortune-telling. Specific deterministic predictions of the future, I’ve never heard from anyone I consider a good astrologer.

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No. Astrology is fun, but that’s about it.

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There is one prediction about Astrologers I can make: they’ll take your money.

This is worth watching.

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This horoscope is 100% accurate.

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No, they are all frauds.

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Astrologers can’t even predict the present.

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Astrologers, psychics, and god are all hogwash.

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“Can astrologers actually predict the future?”


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@Anonymous05 Did you mean to type psychics when you typed physics?

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^ Thaaaat makes so much more sense. I was so confused last night lol

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No. It’s all in fun, no truth, no facts.

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Of course they can. Anyone can predict the future. It’s just not likely to be accurate.

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Astrology is not real. It plays upon the fears and desires of vulnerable people. Don’t buy into it, literally, or figuratively. Astrologers use generalizations to make people believe that they are being given specific information about themselves. Think about it. Really think about what that means.

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Here is how Astrology Works, or rather doesn’t work, but is able to fool people.

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I feel like I need to counterbalance all the extreme fraud accusations by saying that no, they aren’t all frauds. As I wrote before, the good ones I know don’t claim to tell you what is going to happen to you. For people who are open to the input (which does not require being gullible or superstitious or getting defrauded), they can suggest interesting perspectives for consideration, which the client can take or leave.

Having to always be in a box of skeptical rational materialism is confining, and locks people into perspectives where they can’t appreciate what something has to offer because they can’t respond to it any other way. Yeah there are frauds out there, and yeah it doesn’t seem like it should make sense from a materialist point of view for astrology to have anything accurate to say. But that doesn’t have to be what it’s like or about, and it isn’t for the good astrologers I’ve seen, and if you can let go of those reactions for a moment and engage the suggestions that do resonate, then it’s not even about that and it can be interesting and lead to insights and new perspectives, ideas and possibilities.

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Astrology is an ancient pseudo-science. It is a scam as well. Prophecy and predicting the future are scams. Horoscopes in magazines and newspapers are so general that they can apply to anyone. Some people have read the wrong ones and they were as accurate as the real ones. When a professional astrologer does a horoscope it is several pages long. It contains so many broad statements that some of them are likely to be rather accurate. Believers see only the ones that are somewhat accurate and ignore many, many more that are quite inaccurate.

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