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If humans became immortal (no biological aging), which age group would have the highest suicide rate?

Asked by ragingloli (43799points) October 20th, 2017

Which societal group would be most targeted for forced euthanasia?
How long until full blown resource wars break out across the globe?

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The “Damn Kids These Days” crowd would have all of us put on the chopping block before we hit 20.

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50+ er’s.

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The 20,000 to 30,000 year olds.

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It would depend a little on how growth/aging/reproduction do still function. And it would probably be different in different places. It’s an interesting question, and if things continue the way they are, not too far off from what may happen when fresh water and habitable areas, human rights etc. become scarce,

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There would still be a lot of foolish deaths in the world. I would say that the old folks (60+) would be more likely to commit suicide because they are old and wise enough to know that living gets old after a while. If birth rates continue the way they are, I would say we would be in a resource war within 5 years. And you would have all sorts of groups that want power (read as career politicians/globalists) to be the ones wanting to decide on who gets euthanized.

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0 they will be aborted.

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@ragingloli If humans became immortal (no biological aging), which age group would have the highest suicide rate?

If humans were immortal then suicide would be impossible.

And there’d be much more time for people to contemplate their diction.

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^The OP made it clear that by “immortal”, she merely meant that they would stop aging, not that they couldn’t die by other means. Immortality does not necessarily imply invincibility or immunity from suicide.

The Norse gods ate magic apples that prevented them from aging, but could still be killed, and indeed would all be killed at Ragnarok.

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Immortality is eternal life, the ability to live forever. Some modern species may possess biological immortality.

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@Pinguidchance Ok but that’s not what the question is about. It’s about being unaging, as the question explains it means: ”(no biological aging)” and mentions expected suicide and euthanasia to try to deal with the impending wars for the remaining resources as the population increases without death due to aging. (Though OP left out what the effective age of older and newly born people would move towards.)

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