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Has anyone ever styled any of their answers questions?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 13th, 2008

Styling the text in your answers puts emphasis on your answer, but has anyone used it in their questions?

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Tinyfaery just did a moment ago.

I think it is used more sparingly in questions because they are short and concise, whereas they are often used in answers to emphasize a specific point in the midst of a long, complicated answer.

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I got in trouble one time for using a ★ at the begining of a question…..

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Did you get a time out? XD

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♧ tThis ♴ stuff ♞ makes ⏰ it ┧look ᔚ like ऒ you’re ⚡ trying ☬ to Ⓠ get ಠ laid ᷦ on ⚔ Craigslist.

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Ha….....I guess you would know?

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Cheap shot, cheeb!

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Not really…

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@Marina: Every good boy scout knows, if you’re very still, the bear will go away.

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..and yet, you still won’t go away…

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