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Have you ever dated someone and looked back on who you dated, and wondered to yourself, why did I ever date them?

Asked by sarapnsc (1439points) August 13th, 2008

I was just reminiscing with a couple of girlfriends and this subject came up

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oh yes…I am asking myself that very question now actually.

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yes I have. For some reason I was attracted to trashy girls who lived in trailer parks. Nothing against trailer parks they were just white trash. My grandparens live in a trailer park, they can be nice.

They also seemed to all be abused some how.

I’m good now. I have a great catch.

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No. Either I have really good taste or I’ve just been extremely lucky. I’m still very good friends with almost everyone who I’ve seriously dated. There is one exception—the guy cheated on me with someone who was supposedly a mutual friend (but obviously was no friend of mine). Not friends with him (or the girl) anymore, and good riddance! However, I still don’t question why I dated him and even though it didn’t end well, I don’t regret it.

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Oh yeah. There are a bunch of them. Of course I’m probably the same thing to some of them. Haha! .

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Yes, it’s funny you ask this. I just ran into an exboyfriend from highschool…it was weird because he’s engaged and has two kids already. We’re only 20 and it was so weird to see how much he’s grown up. I felt kind of young but then I realized..I am my age. He just maybe grew up a little too fast and started a family already. I don’t regret dating him, It was just really strange to me to see how much he’s changed

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Yes, “what was I thinking” comes to my mind all the time

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I’m sure they thought the same thing! .....
Jutst the crazy ones though.

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Change one word in that question from “dated” to “married,” and I certainly do wonder.

I bumped into my ex several years ago and waited to be introduced. I was unable to recognize him..lots of internal rejoicing, I can tell you.

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GC….were we married to the same guy?

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@M/O: Probably one of millions of clones.

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Damn gov’t experimentation!!!!!

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Thank you everyone for your answers, I gave each of you a 1 point. Thanks, and have fun on Fluther!

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@sara: Welcome. Flagging as Great Answer (known informally as GA) gives the recipient 5 points. Thank YOU.

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What I don’t understand what you are talking about?

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When you click on “Great Answer” under a question, you give the person 5 points. You get one point for signing in each day and two points if someone gives you a “Great Question.” See the “1” in parentheses next to your question? You got two points for that.

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….I don’t come often so if I don’t get points, that’s okay. Just here to pass some time. But, I do give the points to anyone who even half way answer the questions. I thought about thanking them each one in an individual email, but I’m too lazy to email each one, so I thought I would just do it this way. But, once I say thank you, I don’t come back and give anyone else points…is that bad? I don’t understand Fluther, maybe when I take the time and explore more, I will. Anyways, you and everyone have a good day and have fun!

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Thanking everyone individually is a huge waste of time. Use your energy here, if you decide to return, to answer a question.

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Thanks gali, I appreciate the advice! :)

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