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Which is the better strategy with regards to Judge Moore?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24578points) November 13th, 2017

Have him drop out of the Alabama senate race now? (It’s not a slam dunk that the Democrat will win, but it’s a decent gamble.)


Let Moore be elected (as he will likely be) and then use that against the Republicans for the next number of years?

Short term satisfaction or long term strategy… that’s the question.

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Better for whom? Either way, this is a serious body blow to the GOP.

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I hope he wins. The Republicans are the party of child rape and pussy grabbing. They are showing their real core values. Commendable.

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There are calls from Republican Senators to expel hi from the Senate if he is elected. That is permitted by Senate rules.

McConnell has come out and said he should drop out.

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Those sitting GOP Senators capable of forethought understand that it is preferable to abandon the seat outright to the Democrats rather than confront the nightmare prospect of a bonafide pedophile ensconced in their midst. With the Democrats and half their own mbership guaranteed to howl for Moore’s expulsion, the already moribund majority will find the disruption an unbearable obstacle to any other business.

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His best strategy? Admit to everything, then claim forgiveness in his God.
Alabama voters will embrace it. The Republicans will be faced with condemning a reformed Christian, or not living up to their own beliefs.
Personally, I hope he strokes out.

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If he is guilty, he should be imprisoned like a normal person. If he isn’t punished, it’s just that same problem with society, where powerful people are above the law.

If there is any hope of reducing sexual harassment, we need to hold people accountable. It’s even more important to punish a powerful, person like Moore.

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He won’t be imprisoned, unless something more recent comes to light. The statute of limitations – the opportunity to prosecute has passed.

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His best strategy? Admit to everything, then claim forgiveness in his God.Alabama voters will embrace it

Forgiveness? He doesn’t admit any wrongdoing. And a huge number of Republicans agree.

29% of likely voters polled say they are MORE likely to vote for Moore now that they know he molests children.


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okay so he gets elected and lands in the slammer for 2 to 20 years as a felon. I think that the Senate will toss him.

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There is the possibility of the GOP running a write-in candidate, who might be able to draw enough votes to give the seat to the Democrats. That seems to be the best scenario, having the GOP shoot itself in the foot.

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@Call_Me_Jay. I said that is his best strategy, not that he was doing it.

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