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What is one habit that has changed your life for the better?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) November 25th, 2017 from iPhone

Could be anything. Running, meditation, woodworking, anything!

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Walking regularly.

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Fluthering 30 times a day or more.

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Saying “no”.

It saves my sanity and keep me out of unnecessary trouble.

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I quit smoking, quit added sugar (that was a game changer), quit added salt, reduced the consumption of meat, dairy and fish drastically, and fast food…

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@flameboi Need to change my eating habits desperately. So what’s the secret??

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Drawing. I’ve been doing a daily sketchbook challenge (making one drawing a day) for 3 months and it’s incredible how much it’s decreased my anxiety and depression

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I stopped eatimg ramen. I feel better. I eat turkey necks instead and a tuna kit every second day at night instead of ordering out.

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I can’t anymore, but when I started going out dancing, it made my life a bazillion times better. Not being able to anymore has had the opposite effect. Once in a while I manage some decent maneuvers with my wheelchair. Fun, but embarrasses my daughter.

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Hi @Sunshinegirl11 ! Quit cold turkey, like if you were in an abusive relationship, especially sugar.
Sugar is the most difficult because there is sugar in everything you buy! If you drink coffee, skip the sugar and stick to black coffee. All those coffee concoctions with fancy names are syrups and artificial flavours that do not have any positive impact in your health. Check the labels, remember that a teaspoon of sugar = to roughly 4 grams of sugar and, although it varies depending on height, weight and gender, 20 grams (4 teaspoons) a day is more than enough. For instance, a 12 oz. can of soda, or other sugary drinks contain between 30 and 35 grams of sugar (and not even sugar, hfcs that are cheaper). Cereals, breads, and other sweet treats also contain insane amounts of sugar that are just empty calories. Artificial sweeteners are even worse because they have harmful effects on your pancreas. Best thing to do, eat fruit if you want something sweet. Gala apples do the trick!
Salt is also bad, so, when cooking at home use a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper for every serving. When using prepackaged ingredients, check the sodium content. Become familiar with the size of the portions. Cheese is the more sensitive, it should not be bigger that a domino dice. Milk is though to digest, so 4 ounces a days is more than enough. Whole grains pasta with grated cheese and olives is great, skip the sauces, even organic ones. Try this: Leave some pasta sauce in a plastic container for a couple of days in the fridge, then rinse it. After that, you will not use sauces again. Instead, buy different types of hard cheeses and grate them fresh in you pasta. If you like cereal, old plain corn flakes are the best.
I eat eggs once a week, and meat/poultry/fish also, but I can live without eating those. Try not to eat outside, I’d rather wait to go home, or if I have no choice I will pick a salad or the vegetarian option everywhere I go. I also drink a glass of cold water every morning as soon as I wake up, and another half hour before lunch and dinner, and I drink herbal infusions a few times a day, preferably after meals. The first month will be bad, very very bad. You will miss everything! You may even start over eating (the water before meals helps with that). After the third month you will see a lot of changes. You will feel with more energy, you will begin to sleep better, you will feel sharper, faster! Everything will begin to taste different. After that, you will feel the need to exercise, like walking instead of taking the bus/metro whenever you can… I was in good shape when I was young, then grad school happened, then unemployment happened, then I decided that I wanted to be the old me so I took out my old notes from a past life and I begun working on developing healthier habits again.

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Taking classes as an adult has changed me.

I have never been a joiner and I thought if the knowledge was available in books (back in the day) and on Youtube (these days) then I could teach myself anything.

But after years of owning a guitar and fecklessly strumming at it, I took a class and was playing OK in a couple of weeks.

And after 20 years of solitary running for exercise, I joined a Krav Maga class. They worked me so hard I almost puked and I would never push myself like that. After a year I was taking 3 classes a day and wishing I had time for more.

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Reading..It does change the way you look at the things around you!!

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Totally agree with @flameboi regarding sugar, salt, red meat, cheese, dairy and fast food. Also eliminated deep-fried foods and processed meats with nitrites (hot dogs, salami, etc.). Pretty much doing what he does. Believe it or not, there’s still plenty of tasty foods left without those. The hardest for me is doing without pizza. I only have it maybe twice a year.

Then, I added some form of daily exercise: jogging, a long walk, going to the gym, playing Ping-Pong, dancing (folk, Scandinavian, Scottish, tap, Zumba), etc. Just something different every day so I don’t get bored.

@deni just reminded me that I intend to try yoga. And I agree with @imrainmaker that reading is mind-expanding!

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@2davidc8 I know! Pizza is though!!! I also cut all those other foods you mentioned! I had a hard time with hot dogs and burgers also. However, I managed to solve the pizza problem. Get pre-made whole grain crust, or make your own dough. My favorite dough is 1½ cups of self rising flour and 1 cup non-fat plain greek yogurt (makes for one large pizza). A tin of organic peeled whole tomatoes and your favorite herbs for the sauce, and cheese, mushrooms, peppers and baby spinach for toppings (or any you like). Baking time is never over 12 minutes (depending on how you like it). For the sauce, use a fork to crush the tomatoes, mix it with the herbs, the spices you like, and a bit of olive oil. Prepare the pizza, bake it at 450.

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Becoming a vegetarian.

Writing for pleasure.

Excercising daily.

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@flameboi Just 1½ cups of self rising flour and 1 cup non-fat greek yogurt makes a large pizza?
Do you add anything else to the dough?

My lazy solution is to buy pre-made Indian na’an. Then top it off with many of the same toppings that you use. Black olives and basil are also favorites. Oh, and garlic.

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@deni I have been a runner for 4 years now, and I’m looking to add something else to my hobbies. I’m super interested in yoga, but classes where I live are super expensive!! Any suggestions?

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@2davidc8 yes, that makes a large pizza! And no, I don’t add anything else :D

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@flameboi I’ll give it a try!

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@Sunshinegirl11, you should be able to check out free yoga videos at the library, or view them online for free. Invite a few friends over for a “class” and start with an introductory video, then work your way up. Most community colleges, and the YMCA around here offer inexpensive yoga classes. Look into that and other potential low cost yoga classes.

Are you interested in other things to do? Here are things I like to do:

Paint, draw, cook, write, take photographs, interact and care for animals, hike, skate, read (and discuss books), watch movies, garden, visit museums, take day long road trips, try new foods and restaurants., etc.

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