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What is your favorite Fluther question?

Asked by andrew (16543points) July 25th, 2007

We're deciding on a great question to print on the back of our business cards and t-shirts. The question should have broad appeal, embody Fluther, and should fit on the back of a t-shirt.

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Also, see the blog entry about this here!

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I'm a big fan of "does god have feet?" - it sparked a pretty great discussion too...

Although, "who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp ba bomp?" is a very close second - but probably not as useful for business cards and t-shirts... =)

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After digging thru the past, I have decided on
High School Science

To me, that question is what fluther is about, people asking questions that need to be asked of other people. yay community!

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My vote is How big is infinite? If Fluther carries on the way it's going ....

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What about putting the question on the front of the t-shirt and the answers on the back?

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i like this recent one about foods to eat in bed. no iphone questions. reccomendation questions in general: ie. what's the best brunch spot in san francisco?

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I like the ones that answers can't really be found on a search engine, unless you stumble on a blog or something.

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I also really like this one, nominated by Heather on the blog...
What's so special about salt and pepper?

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i definitely second the cake question - can there be a shorter version?? (i'm doubling this comment from the blog)

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Heh Yeah I didn't repost it since I said it in the blog.

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I nominate this one....or for kicks and sematics it could just be:
"What is fluther?"

kinda says it all don't you think?

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I would think a progressive site like fluther would look for promotional devices more innovative than business cards and T-shirts. How about promoting a tattoo design to tattoo shops? Or slipping "fluthering" into standard English usage in the same manner "quiz" was invented, by graffitti in public restrooms?

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TruMobius, I believe that question is answered here.

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Ok, then I nominate that question

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whatever question it is, it shouldn't be one you could google or easily look up in an encyclopedia, cookbook, etc. it should show the value of Fluther specifically. i'm also not a big fan of choosing a philosophical/abstract one for this purpose. although i'm not nominating these, i think these are kindof examples of what i mean:
(and, of course, the famous 'cake question'!)

not to answer your question, really, but just to add to the discussion.

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Following on the tack that @zina has taken -- i.e., adding to the discussion without directly answering the question -- one possible way to answer this question in a systematic fashion is to get the Top 10 or 20 questions on Fluther ranked according to the number of "Great Question" votes it received.

Ben and Andrew can then eliminate those which they feel don't embody Fluther or are too long to fit on a shirt, and then ask the community to just pick one from what's left.

This way we take advantage of the "Great Question" feature in the way it was meant to be used. 8-)

* * *
Also, if I may just throw in my two cents about the 'cake question' --- IMHO, what makes that question interesting is not actually the question itself, but rather the answers that the community contributed. I mean -- it was the flow of the discussion, the genuine concern and advice offered by total strangers (with the occasional wisecracks thrown in for good measure! haha!) which made it a great discussion. On its own, it wasn't a particularly great question.

In other words, the QUESTION itself wasn't all that great. What made it great was all the ANSWERS, which IMHO is why it embodies Fluther. It demonstrated the benefits you get when you "Tap the Collective"

So I guess my question to Ben and Andrew is -- are we supposed to pick something based solely on the question alone? Or should we pick something because of both the question and the answers together?

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@mdy: you're right on track...we're really looking for a question that stands alone based on its question, not the answers.
the great answer is also a wonderful idea, but many of the great questions were written before we implemented that feature.

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@mdy, I think your analysis of The Cake Question is spot on. It is the community's response to it that made it so entertaining and enlightening. But, you have to admit, the question itself gets you interested. If the point of including a question on branding materials is to get people interested in Fluther, than maybe it's the perfect question. Then, if they come to the site and search for that question, they'll only be even more rewarded by seeing the great responses everyone contributed.

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@andrew Thanks for clarifying!

@segdeha I agree -- the cake question does get you interested because you want to see what other people have to say! haha! Plus you don't have to do any research to be able to answer the question. In that sense, it has broad appeal.

I also see your point about what happens when people come here and search for the question... If the selected question doesn't have great answers, visitors who are new to the site may get the impression that the answers to the rest of the questions on the site will also be not so great. So in that sense, the answers do matter.

Anyway, now that I have a better idea of what you're looking for, @andrew, I'll do a bit of surfing and will post some suggestions.

Oh, and I forgot to ask -- what is the deadline for nominating a question?

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I like How do you multiply "diamond" by three? :D

And, yeah, the cake question is cool, but not just as a question, you need all the replies ;-)

Or how about What is your favorite Fluther question? :P

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While we’re talking about great answers (and not like you guys don’t have other things to tend to) would a good feature be to have the clicking on “Great Answer” or “Great Question” privately notify the poster who thought well of their post so they could thank them or discuss it privately through comments?

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This is a great thread all in itself… because of the answers… which it generated.
My sentimental favorite it the cake question. Long live Cake Guy!

But, wow, these others are great. I am going to add reading all of these to my reading list (everything else on that list is currently a print book).

I love “Can you “wreak” anything but havoc?”, “What causes clumsiness? Is there a way to combat it?” and some of the others, too.

This thread just brightened my day and added another sparkle to my appreciation of humanity. ;-)

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my favorite question is “What is you favorite Fluther question?”
Nice work team!

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What’s another word for “thesaurus”?

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Why is there nothing in holes?

September 6, 2008, 12:49 PM EDT

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“If you are doing nothing at all, then how will you know that you are done?”

September 6, 2008, 12:50 PM EDT

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“Why is Fluther so addicting?”
I tried

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Have you decided on the question to use? If not, based on the “fluther Memes” discussion I think “Pancake?” would be good. Pancake
It certainly would be funny to those who are familiar with that discussion.

Oh well. Guess this is really OLD. Newbie stupidity.

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@suzyq2463 – I don’t think it’s “newbie stupidity” to reply to this question. I hope people continue to use it, just in part because then it will come back on my recent activity list and have me checking in on interesting discussions I haven’t read through.

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I love “How is Teddy Ruxpin talking without batteries?”

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