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What are some habits, personality traits, etc. you wish that you had?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) December 11th, 2017 from iPhone

Mine would be time management skills, maybe playing an instrument or painting, charisma, and to be “tougher”. I’m constantly being called “cute”, “innocent”, and a “little baby”. I guess these are good in their own ways. But why can’t I be like rey from Star Wars or Wonder Woman?! :| hahaha

What about you guys?!

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More stoicism and gratatude. No more anxiety attacks.

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I wish I had back my marvelous ability to multitask. I was able to do four or fives things at a time, effectively.
After the accident which left me disabled, I suffered brain damage which made me unable to sort the mental functions for multitasking.

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Greater motivation and better ability to not “sweat the small stuff.”

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Unlimited patience for the love of God…

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I wish I could stop questioning so many things and just do The Job. Toe the line. Become invisible.

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I would like to know what I want.

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Patience. I have a very low tolerance for people who talk too much and too long, and I get very frustrated with what I perceive as inefficiency.

Negotiation skills. My husband can charm any difficult merchant or service provider, even shifty people who are trying to cheat us, and get a favorable resolution. He doesn’t just win the battle and the war; the other side actually ends up liking him.

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I wish I could have grabbed some missed opportunities which would have changed my life for better. Not that I’m miserable due to that but would have been at a better position than I’m in currently.

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I wish I could engage in small talk and not feel so out of place when I’m out in bars with my friends. I also wish I could be more mindful and not lose track of what I am doing.

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I wish I was less extreme about everything. Get rid of the “all or nothing” attitude. I wish I would stop taking life too seriously and be blissfully happy like people around me. I just want for once to ignore the things that irritates me. But they just come in full force whenever I notice them. Also I want to get rid of random blue.

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I’d like to be like my younger daughter. She loves to cook and bake. She must have an immaculate home. She is in tip top physical shape and gets paid to help other women look like her. Her gorgeous daughter would rather be with her than her young friends; at least most of the time. She is tireless and happily works three jobs when her husband can easily afford anything she wants or needs. And I haven’t heard of her ever being anxious. Anxiety is a horrible thing.

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I wish I could be less judgmental about other peoples’ faults, and learn to be more accepting of everyone’s unique abilities.

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