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Are there any positive traits you picked up from one or both of your parents?

Asked by SeventhSense (18914points) July 6th, 2009

If so what are they?

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Freethinking and honesty. That’s from both of them.

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Listen to both sides, before deciding.

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lol, and same ‘topics’

empathy, being independent, responsible

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Ability to question the rules/laws, ability to be professional and withhold emotions when appropriate, ability to be a REALLY good shot when it comes to guns and archery.

I get all of the above from my dad…

Oh, I forgot, I also got a really sick, slightly perverted, politically incorrect sense of humor from him. :)

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Both my parents are good listeners, generous, and laugh a lot. I think I’m the same way.

Also, they have a laid-back attitude. Our family motto could easily be “things will work out.” I definitley get that from them.

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Thought I’d balance the equation. :)

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Hard working from my dad :)

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no, I don’t believe I have

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Patience from my mother.

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What about that bubbly personality.:)

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@SeventhSense Nope, that’s all me :)

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From whence hast thou sprung?

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@SeventhSense And you? Have you any positive traits that you picked up from your parents?

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Being on time, planning ahead, and a love for puns.

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@SeventhSense lol, translation please?

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@Facade I think that means when you were born…but I don’t know for sure

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I inherited generosity from my mother and open mindedness from my father.

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@applesaucemanny if that’s the case, April

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Loving animals unconditionally!! My parents house was a zoo when I was growing up and now mine is starting to look the same!!

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responsibility,smarts,loving and caring for dogs!

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being able to focus, work hard, being true to one’s word, being kind to animals

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@irocktheworld, Lol!! Gotta love those furry friends ;-)

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@SeventhSense Yea, I got that. I just don’t know what you meant by “sprung”

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@kheredia Yeah! I know right? I have dogs hangin all over my house! lol what about you? I <3 dogs for some reason :p

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@irocktheworld, I have two rescued dogs and i’m always picking up stray cats to re-home them. My parents house still looks like a zoo though.. lol!

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I’m pretty self-confident. Both of my parents are, but I get it moreso from my mom who always has been that way since she was a kid.

My parents are also really not uptight at all. I get that from them too and I like it.

Of course, I was taught to be accepting and non-prejudicial by them and I thank them for it.

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What springs forth and from whence does it issue?

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sense of humor. i like it.

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@kheredia AWW!! What breeds of dogs have you rescued? Have you ever ben biten by the stray cats? I have lol! All right! We both live in zoos! :P

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@irocktheworld, No, I’ve never been bit by a cat. And so far, I have the perfect pit bull and a shar pei/ American bulldog mix. Both are big boys but very sweet.

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My parents did a good job of demonstrating that people are people no matter their color, creed, or social status.

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Mom’s sense of humor. We can be sitting together and instantly start laughing about the same thing and no one else has a clue what happened. I really love that my daughter and I seem to have this connection already. It’s a lot of fun.

Intelligence from both parents, but moreso from Mom.

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Nothing I’m totally different from my parents, the only thing is that I like music like my dad, but different style. Nothing like my mom phew

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You two are too cute..“69”

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Their love for the outdoors and travel. Also, their kindness towards neighbors.

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oh yeah another thing I picked up from my dad is liking music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I really like that

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@applesaucemanny Good answer! My parents love of music greatly influenced me. Though they prefered music from the 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s.

@SeventhSense Thanks! I never saw “cute” and “69” in the same sentence. :P

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Ok here I’ll nitpick
Trait- Ear for Music, Love of Music
Preference- Music from the 90’s

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@SeventhSense My father has an ear for music. I picked up this trait from him. we both played clarinet. My sons have picked up this trait from my husband and I. we have all been first chair at the instrument we played

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From my parents a love of books and reading; a habit of truthfulness (somewhat eroded by age and experience); and a tendency to skepticism.

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Well I am impressed. I’ll see you ar Carnegie Hall

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Respect, mellowness and a love of cooking with the latter two deriving from my Father and the former being taught (relentlessly) by both parents.

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I’m personable, social and bubbly. I make friends easily and get along with almost everyone. Both my parents are social butterflies.
I inherited their sense of humor. I laugh a lot, make jokes often, and love to share stories of silly things that have happened to me. So do they.

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You call it “stubbornness”. I call it “perseverance”. :^>

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Sense of humor from my Dad, enjoyment of nature and the outdoors from my Mom; intellectual curiosity, liberality and an interest in people and friendships from both. Openess and friendliness to strangers from my Dad. A love of reading from my Mom.

@Supacase I have that kind of mental telepathy with my sons, particularly the older. It’s such a treat.

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The ability to be grateful for what I am given. Through my parents, I learned that I was very lucky in life. I had parents that could provide and reward us with things far beyond other family’s means. I learned not to covet those items, because they could go away, at any moment. I learned to give back. I learned that I should always give more than I take and I should never look down on those less fortunate. If I see someone in need, I should help them.

My parents grew up very, very poor. My mother had to find cardboard to fill the holes in her shoes and my father had to help earn a living for the family. When I say they rewarded me with things, I mean with a roof over my head, healthcare and food on the table. Those are things far beyond other family’s means. I never went without. I never worried if there would be enough.

Another great trait – find humor in every situation. I swear, without that, I wouldn’t have made it through the fight I had with leukemia.

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I’d have to say my mother’s:
Love of and respect for reading
Interest and affinity for people of other ethnicity and culture

From my father:
The innate gift of “hustle”.

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My analytical thinking and troubleshooting from my Dad.

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@kheredia Aww! American bull dog mixes and pit bulls are adorable! That’s good, i actually own poodles and they are really sweet and adorable, kinda like a best friend! :P

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well there’s always the 68 too..

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Humility from my dad, a dash of mischievousness from my mom.

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@Supacase – =) I’m like that with my kid as well.

same as @lilgiraffe + not relying on men to fix things around the house (from mom)

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My dad told me about inner strength.My mother practiced it.

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my mum taught me to plan ahead and time management, which I practice even now.
she also taught me to be organized . . . didn’t work room looks like it was just burgled.

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