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What are some of your favorite card/board games?

Asked by rockfan (9345points) December 13th, 2017 from iPhone

I’ve getting into boardgames lately, and some of the ones I’ve really enjoyed are King of Tokyo, Dixit, Timeline, and Concepts.

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hearts is one of my favorite card games. We played it ad nauseum in college.

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GURPS tactical combat
Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Ramspeed (ancient galley combat)

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Dixit is fun. My current favorites are

- Cathedral (a cool strategy game, you win by grabbing space on the board)

- Hive (insects with different powers, the goal is to capture your opponent’s bee)

- Hanabi (fun cooperative game, communicate well so you can win together)

- Chess (because it is good)

- Bohnanza (a weird card game, you’re trading beans to win)

- Ligretto (fast game of numbers)

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Hmm…, Gwent?

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The only words I just understood were Chess and Hearts.

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Monopoly, of course. Years ago I beat the Wisconsin state champion.
Whenever the family is together, we play a game of each.

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Strip Poker. With tampered cards.

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Quarkle, Blokus, LRC (but only with lots of people) and I’ve always been a sucker for Trouble. Love that pop-o-matic.

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Slap Jack and Trivial Pursuit. Never cared for Monotony.

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I haven’t played many board games lately, but I used to enjoy Battleship and Clue. Fluxx and Apples to Apples are probably my favorite modern card games. If we’re talking about classic card games using a standard deck, I’m partial to gin rummy and a golf variant that seems to have been invented by one of my grandfathers.

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Personally, I think Monopoly is the worst board game ever. Repetitive and with absolutely no strategy. I think a lot of kids these days grow up to dislike boardgames because of their bad experiences with Monopoly and Game of Life

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Chess. Pretty much just chess.

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I like Boggle.

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When I was a child we had this board game called Hero’s Quest & i absolutely loved it. Dunno if I’d ever play it again, but it was fun when I was younger. There’s a new Dark Souls (yes Dark Souls) board game that is brutally hard. I played it not to long ago & it was quite long to setup but fun nonetheless. You can never go wrong with Card Against Humanity, but only if people are willing to read it correctly in character as a opposed to just reading the answer cards. It give so much more to the humor when you play on the cards.

As for a more passionate portion of my answer….. When I was younger I was more interested in skateboarding, playing guitar, getting high & hanging with my buds. So, when I heard about people playing D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) I brushed it off and lame. Some time over the last year I found out that one of my friends I see at the club I play a lot was hosting (Dungeon Master) a game that happened every sunday. I asked him about it and long story short, I love D&D. I’ve been playing for over a year now & still learning. If you like role playing, excitement, fun & having a good laugh (we play in the back of the club, so we get a bit tipsy when we play) I highly suggest finding a DM (Dungeon Master) to take you under their wing.

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Cards Against Humanity

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I play in Texas Hold ‘em games sometimes. Two tables, $20 buy in. I’ve probably broken even over the years.

I still play Risk when certain friends are around. We have played for money before. I won over $250 one time.

My friends and I play a drinking/card game called Asshole all the time.

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Slap Jack! I was the queen of slap jack.

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@rockfan To say there is no strategy in Monopoly means you don’t know a strategy.
Trust me, there are several effective strategies.

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What is that one card game where you slap down a card and then slap a card that is one higher or one lower on it? Like, if you turn over a 9 you can slap a 10 or and 8 on it. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins. It’s a wild, wild game and boy was I fast and really good! Played that endlessly through out jr. high and high school.

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Cards: 500

Boardgames: I haven’t played for years but really enjoyed Trivial Pursuit. As a child I enjoyed Go to the Top of the Class, I guess Trivial Pursuit is the grown-ups version. My daughter and I really enjoyed playing Cluedo together, amongst other games.

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War. That was the name of that game.

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Euchre, rummy, spades, hearts, Uno, Candyland, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Pandemic, Elder Sign, Yatzhee, liar’s dice, backgammon and crazy eights.

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