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Is this a kinder, more thoughtful Fluther?

Asked by KNOWITALL (16022points) 6 days ago

In my previous time here, it was always argumentative, and borderline antagonistic at times, mostly over politics and religion, but while there are some inaccurate broad generalizations still being posted, it honestly seems like a kinder fluther.

Is it that I’ve left and come back, or do we have more members who realized when you run off people who think differently than you, that perhaps it tends to get more boring?

What did I miss or are my perceptions off?

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I’m back after an extended break, and I find everyone to be quite welcoming. They’re open to discussion of critical issues, and don’t write me off because I don’t share their opinion. Everyone has been just great!

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Agreed, same here, it’s very different than when I was here previously, then after a very long break of a year or more, I decided to try again, still pretty negative. Now I’m actually enjoying myself here again and I see a few people coming back…interesting.

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It has been more enjoyable lately.

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Just what in the hell is that supposed to mean?

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@Blondesjon Hey smartypants, good to see you!

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I left for a few weeks and came back. Some people are still pretty nasty here.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yes, been back a week and had one myself.

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Food fight!

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Food fight? Should we fling PANCAKES?

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It’s been peaceful for some time now. Effect of Holiday season I guess..)

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It got pretty heated around election year. I think it’s fairly communal. Most of us can disagree with each other, and still get each other’s back if needed…

We had some jellies pass away too. Maybe that ultimately brought us closer, and more appreciative of one another.

But I think I’ve only been here like a year and change…

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Politics here are vicious, leave out those discussions and it’s ok.

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@AreYouKidding I think just the opposite. Here you have the opportunity to go to a chat room with any kind of person here that ur interested in conversing with. I havent been exposed to people of such variety in college or travelling. It’s the best thing about the site for me!

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@KNOWITALL I laughed when I read your question. Let’s just say that you have come back during the calm that follows a storm. Quite a storm. I, for one, am enjoying it.

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The bodies are buried in the back yard.

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^And sometimes the basement. So I hear….......................

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Anyone who knows anything knows that they are buried under the swimming pool!

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C’mon you guys: in the frizzer!

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They walk the planet, undead.

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As long as you don’t bring up any serious issues it’s fine, that to me, makes this site very pedantic. A lot, but not all, of the good people have left this site and that is a true shame.

We used to be able to talk about anything, and everything, and to have thoughtful, sometimes fiery discussions, and to be truthful. Not so much anymore and that makes me sad.

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Seems like most people are just enjoying some peace after the storm…probably will pass soon enough.

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It is of course all down to me with my charming & dare I say…coquettish sense of mischief

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This question makes me happy to read. I like to think that we’re getting better, as a community, at “disagreeing without being disagreeable.”

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I’ve been around fluther for a decade I am sure? I remember days before you even arrived here @KNOWITALL where it was what I would call ‘toxic’!
Abusive even. I often used to wonder why I tortured myself so!

Mind you I can pretty opinionated and snappish too.

A lot of people have left, some have passed away, which is so sad and some were banned. It has to be honest, left a sick feeling in my stomach and a deep sadness.

I could be wrong but I sense we are a lot more careful about what we say and post, that is good and bad, I think when we get too careful some of the great debates and fun can go. I still love fluther and I still value a lot of opinions etc., but I think some important people are missing.
Then there are others, well they should have left!

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I see what you mean @Lorna but maybe we need to be a little more PC. Seems to me it’s still very liberal & I’ve seen anti~christian comments so that hasnt changed. Not sure taht’s something I’m interested in but we’ll see how long I can bear that part of it, the rest I love…closest to a freethinker site I’ve found.

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That’s how I feel about the Trump hate.

I am atheist, but I know and love many Christians. I feel badgering someone over their beliefs is wrong. I see no reason to get mean spirited over it.
I find learning the details of different religons interesting.
I would like to see input from Jews, Christians, and others, without bashing being inevitable.

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@Patty_Melt Being totally respectful, I think there is a difference between bashing someone’s religious beliefs which I agree should be honored as long as they don’t try to impose their beliefs or practices on me. I have no need to convince anyone that their religion is wrong. On the other hand, politics by its very nature impinges on one’s everyday life so it is pretty impossible not to be impassioned if you feel we are going in the wrong direction. Ideally, a discussion on this can be had without resorting to personal attacks but I, for one, will not tamp down my thoughts about the direction the country is heading into.

However, this question does not need to become about politics; I do understand your concern about it being done to death at times.

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@janbb But see, that’s where it got tricky before I quit the site. Just because I’m a christian and tried to explain the mix of religion and politics from the pov of a red state, doesn’t mean I deserve to be bashed for my religious beliefs. I’ve voted for Dems and Reps both, but I’m not the typical christian conservative, so I was trying to help.

IMO, the only way to overcome the political divide is to communicate, and people just talk ‘at’ each other, so if you don’t understand the issues, how can you ever hope to fix them? If you truly don’t like the current administration, and want to foment change for the whole country, you have to understand where the red states are coming from, and no one wants to do that.

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@KNOWITALL I don’t disagree.

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@janbb I truly think old DJ was even surprised he won, I’m not sure that was his intention, and now it’s an ever-loving mess. Well if you ever want to chat, holler at me.

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@KNOWITALL I don’t think I agree with any of Trump’s policies but I appreciate others do. That isn’t the main issue I have with Trump. It is the man’s boorish manner, his lack of respect for the truth, his bullying and his disrespect for the institutions of the country he is there to serve that for me make him entirely unfit to be president.

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@flutherother He explained that perfectly & got even more votes- “I am not a politician.” And of course he’s ridiculous in his tweets etc….no denying that.

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I can forgive him for not being a politician but I don’t think he is a decent human being.

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@flutherother We can say that about many leaders we’ve had/have though, in all fairness. Seems to me some are just better at hiding it.

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