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Can we make a list of what countries, or parts of countries, that Trump might think are shitholes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (12978points) January 12th, 2018

Humor welcome. What are the requirements? Do you consider your country a shithole? What smaller districts are partially shitholes? My old neighbourhood in Edmonton was a shithole.

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What a fool. As if there were hordes of Norwegians clamoring to immigrate to the United States. Of course the people in shitholes want to come here. But that is simply because they (like us) haven’t caught on to the fact that this place is well on its way to shithole status. But you can bet your ass that the Norwegians know it!

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Who the hell would want to leave Norway with their high standard of living and universal health care? We should be clamoring to go to Norway.

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Some parts of the United States are literally shitholes. If Trump wants to make America great again he could start in Lowndes County Alabama..

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You could tweet him and ask. I wouldn’t put it past him to oblige you with an answer.

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I was listening to NPR today. They were talking to translators, about how to translate Trump’s statement to other languages. Apparently, shithole is hard to exactly translate. Some translators, were ashamed to even say shit… I don’t think there was a Chinese translation at all…

I’m sure the right wing will try to doctor the spin here, but calling majority black countries shotholes, and wanting majority white country immigrants is pretty transparent.

My biggest problem is; Why are people surprised by this?

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Lord. I watched David Letterman’s first episode of “And my next guest is…” on Netflix. Well, his first guest was President Barack Obama. I almost burst into tears when the man strolled out, cloaked in all of his dignity and grace. Lord I miss him.
They proceeded to flay Trump in a very gentile, intelligent, understated way. Probably would have gone right over Trump’s head if he’d been watching. He would have had to ask one of his elementary aged grand children what the President meant by this comment or that.

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Apparently, due to Trump, a lot of places are feeling that way about the U.S. Link What goes around comes around.

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