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Junk food- What’s your poison ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (23746points) January 15th, 2018

We are less than halfway through January and my resolutions are….taking a break.

What junk foods will you admit to liking?

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Pizza, booze, cheeseburgers, bacon, sausage, ice cream, chocolate, potato chips…BBQ, especially BBQ.

My diet plan starts Tuesday. I did manage to lose 10 pounds between september and now however.

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Since becoming diabetic, I have to be very choosy about what sins I can commit.
That said, I’ll take the hit for a good piece of chocolate cake and ice cream.

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Peanut M&M’s.

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Beef Wellington.

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Dunkin Donuts. So bad for you, but so tasty.

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White cheddar Cheez-Its
Gummi bears

I buy each about three times a year.

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Hostess Twinkies (yeah I know they supposedly closed shop, but I still find them at HEB and at some convenience stores) and a greasy Big Mac from MickyDees cant be beat. Top it off with chocolate shake. I have a high metabolism rate so weight has never been an issue for me. Otherwise I don’t care, I’m gonna die anyway. I also second that Cheeto Bandito above me.

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Mostly cheetos (usually the Trader Joe equivalent “Baked Cheese Crunchies”, or their cheese puffs), and BBQ potato chips (sometimes sour cream & onion).

I tell myself that as long as I’m eating high-quality pizza and burgers, it doesn’t count as junk food. (I don’t even like bad burgers, though low-quality pizza can be ok.)

Oh, and I sometimes eat cheap instant ramen, though without all the “flavor” packet, and hopefully with a bit of added something real.

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I eat a bag of family sized cheetos a week.
(I’m stopping that habit though)

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I think I like them all though KFC not so much.

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Wise potato chips, good French fries, cheeseburgers…..

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Pizza, donuts, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, chips and dip, popcorn. Basically most sweets and snacks.

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Cheese cake and brownies. Which is why I never have them in my house!

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Go ahead Dutch, live a little.

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@NomoreY_A Well, she does eat at McDonald’s regularly if you call that living.

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Nuttin’ wrong with that. Let’s go join her. Round of Big Macs and chocolate shakes on me.

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<—- ::ahem::

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Taco Bell nachos.

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I rarely eat Big Macs or shakes. Usually it’s their breakfast food….bagels and cream cheese (which they don’t serve any more!)...English Muffins, eggs, cheese (Egg McMuffin.) Sometimes I get a breakfast burrito.

And I do indulge occasionally @NomoreY_A.

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What a lovely potluck this would make.

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Gardetto’s Snack Mix. So much garlic deliciousness.

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Gardetto’s! I have not seen those in years. I still remember exactly what they taste like.

I think they must have been in the snack machine at a previous job. Good stuff.

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Hershey’s miniatures. My favorites are Mr. Goodbar and Special Dark.
Ice cream.
Reese’s Pieces and pb cups.
Ice cream
Funnel cake from a carnival.
Ice cream.
Fried cheese curds.
Ice cream.

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Lay’s Potato chips..

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Deep fried Mars Bars.. when I can get them. Yum. My last supplier stopped making them. Well they cost $10 for 2 with ice cream.

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Nachos are my guilty pleasure, have them about once a month, chips, cheese, salsa , guac etc…gross

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Bon Apetit. Pig out and enjoy

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