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How can I learn more about politics?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) January 19th, 2018 from iPhone

Politics and the US government are really confusing for me. Reading news articles helps a bit but it’s still hard to understand. Any good websites or something that can help?

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Darth_Algar's avatar and are excellent resources.

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I guess it depends on what you are trying to find out about. One thing you MUST be wary of is that most websites and news outlets throw a slant onto things. If you go to a liberal outlet, all the stories are reported from the liberal slant. If you go to a conservative outlet, they slant to the conservative side. If you recognize that and run it through the filter of common sense, you might get somewhere to the truth of a story. Watch for opinions put forth as facts. When you see that, you are typically seeing a slant. If someone presents a fact, look to see if it is indeed a fact.

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Whatever you find, send it to Trump. This book sounds interesting .
What you should know about Politics but don’t Or another book. The Basics of American Politics

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I would probably start with a actual textbook. To learn the actual mechanics of how government works.

I’m going to send you a link to really easy textbook that will make you more informed about how things work than 95% of the populace.

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This Wikipedia article is a good place to get the basics on how the US government works.

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@johnpowell brings up a good point. Civics education is woefully lacking in this country. In recent years I’ve become convinced that a large reason why we have the issues that we do is because we have people voting who don’t understand how the government actually functions.

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I also think looking into the history of our country helps in understanding politics and the government. Why certain laws were made, why the US made the government they did, how events occurred and how we deal with them today, etc.

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If you want to read an overview of political ideas and concepts just look online, wikipedia, you tube etc. Then, you can look up present politics by reading articles in newspapers, online etc. This will give you an overview of topical issues being discussed.

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