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Would you date someone who snores as loud as lions?

Asked by dopeguru (1388points) January 20th, 2018

You like someone, but you find out they snore, like, A LOT, and you can’t get any sleep when with them. Would you still go for it?

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Personally I would not, I’m a light sleeper and lack of sleep would make life intolerable, or at least make me intolerable.

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How do you know how loud a lion snores? Have you ever slept with a lion?

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I personally can’t stand loud snorer, the only time that doesn’t bother me when I went to bed extremely tired that I become completely oblivious to my surroundings.

How about making a sleeping arrangement with him. Each of you have your own bedroom and can visit each others anytime you want except when it comes to sleeping. I have tried earplugs before and they’re not the most comfortable item to use, earmuff make you uncomfortable to tilt your head to the other side. A good man will be understanding and a defensive man will say “It’s not my fault, it happens naturally, I can’t control it” and act like you’ve been a selfish partner to complain about it.

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My wife snores like a lion. It’s okay though…she’s an animal in bed.


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I married that ragin’ lion. We’re quickly approaching our 27th anniversary. The snoring has caused many problems over the years, but it’s never been a deal-breaker for me. His many good traits far outweigh this unfortunate one.

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Only if he has barbs.

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My brother and his wife slept in separate rooms after “cuddle time.”
But seriously, it is a sign of serious issues. Sleep apnea, heart issues, etc. The lion needs a sleep study.

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lol..Snore like a lion..hearing this for the first time!!

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Short answer is yes.

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it depends how far into the relationship you are. If not that committed, i might bail.

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I’d have no problem with it. I can sleep through anything.

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My wife snores, and the house is full of striking clocks. I snooze happily through it all. I’ve been accused of conditioning the wife and planting the clocks to discourage the parade of would be “guests” that descen upon us.

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Like mentioned snoring must be addressed for health reasons and more.

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Rick snores REALLY loud. Like a herd of lions. Usually I’m asleep before him, and, like @stanleybmanly I can sleep through a train wreck. But, if for some reason I am awake and he’s snoring so loud I just move to the couch.

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