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Have you ever prepared a meal where there was leftover bacon?

Asked by rojo (24022points) January 22nd, 2018

As asked.
From a discussion this evening with friends. No on in our group ever had leftover bacon no matter how much they prepared. It always got eaten.

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BLTs yo!!!!!!!

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If you have leftover bacon, you weren’t using enough

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I have to give kudos to the British here.

Their bacon is thicker and tastier than American bacon. And there is never any left there as well.

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I have made many a meal with bacon where there was too much for the recipe.

The extra was gone, though, before the meal was served. Cook’s prerogative.

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^^ Oh, you little piggy!

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Ha ha, no, but there was never any bacon to begin with.

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Yes, we use for bacon bits in salads.

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Usually, yes. I cook the full pound expecting that there’ll be some left over for late-night BLTs and such.

But bacon is never a main dish. If I weren’t planning for it to be an adjunct to a full meal of some sort (for example, with pancakes, or added to a quiche), of course it would all disappear. Bacon is mostly flavor crammed into very little substance. When you eat bacon, it tastes great but you don’t become less hungry—sort of like the food you eat in a dream.

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Sometimes. I sack it up and put it in the fridge for later.

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I usually cook it all once I open the pack so there almost always are leftovers.

If I have the good stuff then no, it will be eaten.

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When we use bacon, which is almost always on a Sunday morning, I cook half of it and put the other half back in the freezer for the next Sunday.
When Rick cooks, he cooks the entire package, so there is always half of it left over. That’s when it goes in the fridge and either gets used or goes to the dogs.

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