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What are different names for USA and Canada?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13061points) February 10th, 2018

From other countries? I was watching some of the Olympics opening ceremonies and the reporter said that each country has its own name for other countries and I wondered if a list exists for USA and Canada?

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For America
• The Land of the Free
• The Land of Freedom
• Home of the Brave
• Land of Opportunity
• Land of Milk and Honey
• Uncle Sam
• The Melting Pot
• The Western World
• The West
• The Land Across the Pond

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Don’t know about Canada

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I thought Canada was the great white north, Biebers birthplace lol

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@all I mean legit names. From the Olympics. What is the Korean name for USA?

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The Great White North, and the ones I posted are all legit besides Moosefucker

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In Korean, they try to approximate the sound that natives use to name their country.

For the United States, to be close to “America”, they use characters that sound like “Mee-gook” which is “beautiful country”.

For Canada, it is pronounced k’aenada, which does not translate to anything.

@SergeantQueen, most of those descriptors are used by Americans to describe the US, rarely used elsewhere.

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Korean (미국 사람/미국인, RR: miguk-saram/migugin)

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In France, the United States is Etats Unis and Canada is le Canada.

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I might have asked this on Fluther about other countries. I find it odd that we would, for example, use the name “Germany” which is not close to “Deutschland”. I collected stamps as a kid and one that really sticks out is “Helvetia” on Swiss stamps.

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What is the reason for this? We don’t call a person with different names in different countries. Then why same thing isn’t applicable for country names?

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Well “Germany”, for instance, comes from “Germania”, which was the Roman name for the region of north-central Europe. “Germania”, in tern, is named after the Germani, a tribe that lived in the region in Roman times. “Deutscheland”, as Germans call their own country, is simply from the modern German language meaning ” land of our people”.

A lot of the different names for various countries have their origins in antiquity.

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The Great Satan, Murrica, The Colonies, Amiland

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