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What are the steps to fight corruption?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13228points) February 18th, 2018

Like what President Trump said, “Drain the swamp!” How do we start that process of draining the swamp?

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Spread conversations that talk about corruption and what to do about it. Call out, interrupt, and transform conversations that replay established patterns of thought that accept the corruption and say there’s nothing that can be done about it. Improve listening to people who disagree with you on entrenched positions that have been used to get people butting heads instead of doing anything about corruption.

Get actual honest people who pledge to refuse corruption and publicly report any attempts at it (including the conventional party “leadership”), and have them run for elected offices all over the country.

Create documentaries and entertainment media that objectively explores and reveals all known forms of corruption.

Get Citizen’s United thrown out, probably by Constitutional amendment.

Change the voting system to one that allows a Support/Oppose vote for every candidate in a race, so voting for a good independent is in no way helping the greater of two bad big-party candidates to win.

Remove, reject, indict and resist all corrupt appointees to government positions.

Don’t appoint or elect former corporate agents to public offices.

Investigate and reform the “two big parties”. Remove their systematic advantages.

Remove/correct/rewrite all the laws written by corporate agents, and that allow money in politics and favor corporations and other corrupt causes over public interests. Replace those laws with laws that do the opposite and/or prevent such abuses from coming into play gain. Investigate the people and corporations responsible and remove them from authority, prosecute them, and amend the corporate charters so they don’t do that kind of thing again.

Make new laws that limit money in politics, make undue corporate influence illegal, and correct problems when they occur. So when corporations and other corrupt elements try to pass corrupt laws and so on, they get investigated, made to stop, and corporations that meddle in government get their leadership prosecuted and their corporate charters rewritten so that they are not organized to do such things in the future.

Break up the news media monopolies, and pass some regulations that prevent giant corporations from replacing actual journalism with corporate-crafted statements.

Create new media organizations that vigorously vet other media and political statements and call them out and publicize lies, corruption, and inaccuracy.

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Mass extinction.

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legalise assassination of politicians and lobbyists.

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Transparency, free press, and accountability.

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Start from yourself..Do not give / accept bribe in any form.Encourage others to do the same!

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Eliminate partisan gerrymandering.

Reverse the Citizens United case – keep corporations from making political contributions.

Require that officials at the head of certain science related departments, like EPA or CDC, have a science degree in the appropriate related field.

Require that the president give a full press conference at least once a month.

Require that every public speech made by a member of government be subjected to a fact checker and that the results be published along with the speech.

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Join the political system and refuse to be corrupted, while doing your part to foster change inside the system. I find it interesting that armchair quarterbacks judge a system they aren’t familiar with. So much information in govt is not common knowledge.

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