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How do I confront my friend about talking to a girl I'm talking to?

Asked by CrusoeStudio (119points) February 18th, 2018

I started talking to this girl a week or so ago and things are going well. Then out of the blue she stops talking to me for a few days. I share a computer with my friend and he left facebook logged in and I saw where he was talking to her. Nothing flirty, but why would he go out of his way to message her? Also I asked him about it and he made a point of saying she messaged first (She didn’t) and that it was innocent. How do I confront him and tell him to knock it off? or should I just accept that my best friend is snooping behind my back?

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Why confront him when the girl is the one who chooses who to talk to?

He might be a bit of a jerk and if I were you I doubt I would neglect to log out again- but if she likes you she will continue the conversation despite him. If he is outright telling her bad stuff about you that is not true that is a different topic but otherwise block him as a friend, be sure to log out and continue on with your life.

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Let us say this turned into a real world relationship. I think you have some jealousy things you need to work through before entering into a real, physical relationship. How are you going to react if she is talking to a dude at a pub? If you freak she will bounce.

If you go further you could lose your friend over a girl you have talked with on Facebook for 5 days.

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Girlfriends come and go, real friends are hard to find. If she isn’t interested after a few days of talking on facebook, then she just isn’t interested in you.

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Have made it a point to tell him you like this girl? If your friend respects you, he would leave you guys to talk. If there’s nothing romantic going on between them, I would just let it go.

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Do you really believe you can, or should, control two other people’s interactions? Do you really believe that virtual friendships are anything more than typing?

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Sounds like you already have and it didn’t go the way you had hoped.

Is she worth losing a friend over?

Is he worth keeping as a friend?

As I recall back in school we used to trade relationships within a group quite frequently and also the group expanded and contracted as members dated others from outside the group and brought them in. School is a time of flux and experimentation is the norm, not the exception. Just go with it.

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Bros before hos. Be cool. Be mellow. Just mention to your friend that you had an interest but don’t threaten him about it or you could lose them both. See how it goes and be friends with both. She may yet come around to you. And remember: your buddy will be your friend long after she goes, if she does, and he will serve you better as a friend in the long run.

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@LoveMyDoggie That’s nor always true at all, not for me.

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