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Did you ever have a teacher make passes at you in Jr. High or High School?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) February 20th, 2018

I did. In both Jr. High and HS. Creeped me out, but it never crossed my mind to tell someone about it.

There is a FB page dedicated to my graduating class. A couple of guys were saying how “inspirational” Mr. Rickenbacker, one of our HS teachers, was.
I said, “Oh God. Mr. Rickenbacker used to hit on the girls. Well, he hit on me anyway.”
Several days later a female classmate replied, “Yeah. He was bad about that.”
So I wasn’t the only one.
Today, of course, he’d lose his job. But this was in the 70’s. We just dealt with it. We tried to avoid him but he WAS authority. We could get in trouble for defying him.

Have you ever experienced this?


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Never a teacher. Although I heard about one at my middle school but never experienced it.
For me it was a doctor at a mental hospital I was at.

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No, but I sure dreamed about my French teacher making a move.

In my four years in a fairly small high school (700 students) two teachers were fired for sex with students.

I was aware of another but didn’t think it was harmful, and to this day I have never mentioned it to anyone.

This was the late 1970s & early 1980s.

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I had a teacher that tickled me when i slept in her class. In junior high.

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Thankfully I haven’t, but I remember something from my first year in high school—a teacher I didn’t have was fired for innapropriate interactions with students… I don’t remember how far his conduct went, whether it was criminal or not. I remember it was unnerving, yet the fact it had been dealt with a little reaasuring.

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What year was this @Soubresaut?

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A little ways into the 2000s

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No, but I had a hot young blond English teacher freshman year of high school whom the other boys would speak of lustily; I actually got a lot of attention from her. Of course that was partly because I and a few others (mostly girls) would spend time in her class after class and have casual conversations with her (which even veered into my telling her the name of the girl I had a crush on). She never did anything inappropriate, but she complimented me many times and if I was ever talking in class (which I was), the person I was talking to always got scolded, not me. So you never know. ;)

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Interesting how different the perspectives are for men and women. The men seem to welcome it, but it creeps the women out.

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No,but my mom was a teacher at the high school I went to, so that might have been a factor.

I don’t remember any “hot” women teachers where I want to school, anyway.

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No, not at all, but I’m a guy.

There was at least one teacher that some of the girls said they thought was creepy, but I don’t think he hit on any of them.

One time a teacher told me to act seductively towards a female classmate as part of a behavior/acting exercise, and I refused.

Oh, and in sex ed, I did do an exercise where you roleplayed being married to another classmate, and playing out how you might bring up that you were interested in getting frisky (that seemed appropriate enough given the class subject).

Oh, and there was an English class where they had us sit boy-girl-boy-girl while we graded each other’s papers (since they assumed we were less likely to have cross-gender tendencies to cheat for each other, I think) and the teacher said that afterwards there would be a kissing contest. No big deal, but I was pretty excited that my secret (I thought) crush chose to sit by me. :-)

There was one teacher who, on a school bike trip abroad, got involved with a student (a graduating senior) – he was fired for it. No other incidents come to mind. It was a small private school with generally really well-chosen teachers, though.

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I spent all of 8th grade wishing my home room teacher would make a pass at me.

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My eighth grade science teacher was a complete creep. He seemed to pick girls that he perceived as vulnerable; girls who were not popular or attractive, which can make you seem vulnerable in junior high. I was one of those girls, as was my friend Suzy. He would come up next to you and stroke your hair and leave his hand on your neck. The first time he did it to me, I slid out of my chair and under the table. He was dumbfounded and walked away. He never touched me again. Suzy did something similar by moving to another chair. He left her alone too. I learned later that he had done this for years and no one complained.

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Not that I am aware of. Thank god!

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Um, speaking as an 80’s child there were plenty of female teachers who were bedding their male students just nothing was ever said or done about it. It may not have reached the level of male teachers hitting on female students but it was certainly a regular thing. IMO This is potentially worse because young boys are not usually going to say no and the abuse will continue unchecked, or people will say he “scored” or something like that and brush it off. In reality he is a victim that will likely be f’d up because of it.

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^^ Important.

I think it’s probably worth noting, too, that so far in this discussion the women have been talking about unwanted advances by teachers taking advantage of a situation, while the men mentioned situations where the was an attractive but professional teacher who didn’t cross boundaries, who they had at least a bit of a crush on. It’s not just comparing “men” and “women,” it’s also comparing two completely different situations.

Students of either gender can have crushes on teachers. That happens. If the teacher had done anything, seeming student interest or not, it would be wrong.

In our very way-too-small-and-unscientific-to-draw-any-conclusions sampling, it seems that this situation might be addressed more frequently today than it had been previously. I hope so, anyway. Haven’t looked into that kind of over-time comparison at all… And it’s certainly still a problem regardless.

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I was so gorgeous they made passes at me in kindergarten! ~

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@Dutchess_III – that’s the disadvantage of looking hot in high school.

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There are a lot of disadvantages to looking hot anywhere. But…on the other hand, I think the advantages outweigh them. Unless you get raped because you look hot. I never was. Came close 3 times but managed to escape.

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At my Junior High, one of the art teachers got a 9th grade student pregnant. It was rumored that this girl and the teacher were having some sicko affair, and then that summer, we found out she was pregnant. The teacher was not “hot”.

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One of our public school teachers from the late 1960’s just went to jail for his sexual assault of young boys back then. Some reported it to parents at the time, others didn’t. Took a fair bit of momentum about five years ago to get charges laid and pursued.

I’m glad parents/teachers seem to take the reports more seriously now. There seems to be less of that crap going on than there was in the 1960’s and 70’s. We talked about who the problem teachers were pretty casually. Stay away from Mr. Rose etc .

Being attractive didn’t make people more desirable to the teachers/staff.

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