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What are your thoughts on this 3rd grade youth baseball coach having the kids raffle off an AR 15 after the Parkland shooting in Florida?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44139points) February 20th, 2018
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I read they had this planned before the shooting. Either way I think it’s stupid for obvious reasons. (I’m sure someone will state the obvious, so I’ll leave it to others.)

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The gun is worth money and who can turn that down??

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I think it’s typical Missouri. Unless you’re in a large city, there isn’t much crime and almost everyone has guns.

It’s nothing new—-

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It’s pretty poor taste, why couldn’t have been a dirt bike or something?
Why does any civilian need a rifle like that? What shooting sport requires you to have a rifle like that?

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I think it is very tasteless. In really poor form. Maybe they planned to sell it before the shooting, but now the shooting has happened and they’re going to do it anyway? I would not allow my child to participate in the raffling off of a gun that can be modified into an assault rifle at any time, whether a shooting has recently occurred or not.

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Civilians do not need an AR 15. They can’t hunt with them, so why have one?

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Sorta my feelings as well^ It’s not a good target rifle either, and have yet to find any shooting sports that require one.

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@chyna I have two old high school buddies who post pictures with theirs with captions like “pew pew pew”. They are approaching 50 so I guess they think it’ll make them look cool.

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@chyna . There are no restrictions, when hunting hogs. That’s one of the only practical uses for the weapon. Land owners use them for coyotes, and other varmints…

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I would mention that, in my state, all firearms sales are final. So. If it’s the same in Florida, it’s not like they can return the weapon. It’s an investment. If they want any return, they’d have to carry on as planned.

I’m sure this just got more attention, because of recent events. That being said, that style of weapon has been used in shootings before. It’s definitely something that I wouldn’t see as appropriate for a little league.

Maybe one of the parents owns a gun shop…

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Name another item that might garnish a bigger return on the raffle.

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Australia initiated a “buy back” gun program. That was 5 years ago and they haven’t had a school shooting since.

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@chyna actually it’s quite common to hunt with AR platform rifles. Pesting, hogs and other game is taken quite regularly here with them.

I don’t particularly see raffling one off for little league as appropriate unless it was a donation, being raffled with other items or something like that.

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Jesus fuck….

When my nephew was involved in youth baseball they just raffled St. Louis Cardinals tickets. I don’t care who donated it or what connection they have to the team, I don’t see a firearm as an appropriate item for a fundraising raffle for youth baseball.

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@johnpowell . Ah. I was right…

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