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How much supportive is your family?

Asked by imrainmaker (8370points) February 21st, 2018

By family i mean spouse / children. How much support do you / did get from them in terms of daily chores and vice versa? Did they take any of your responsibilities because of busy schedules or other commitments?

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Completely. We are a three way team. We all pitch in where needed or where are skills are best suited.

I always felt that marriage and family is as much about love and emotional as it is about getting stuff done.

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Husband did laundry and dinner, I deep clean on weekends, works for us.

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I’m not married and don’t have kids, but I live with my boyfriend, Matt.

Since we both work full time, things are split quite equally. We both cook – we often cook together, or sometimes just he will cook or just I will cook, but it ends up being fairly equal. We both do laundry, we both unload the dishwasher, we go to the grocery store together, we both do the tidying…life is good.

There are a handful of chores that are mine because they result from my hobbies – the biweekly water change in the fish tank is mine because the fish tank was my idea and I’m too anal about it to let anyone else touch it anyway. I water the plants because I’m the one who keeps accumulating more and more of them.

He’s also very emotionally supportive, I can always talk to him about anything.

We’re a good team. I love him a whole lot. Been together about 4 years now.

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Currently living alone (it is fantastic)

But 18 months ago I was living in my mothers backyard and I would do all the yard stuff and take care of the trash. I went in the house once a day since I had my own bathroom and kitchenette. I adore mowing the lawn.

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Sorry, but I’m stuck on the bad grammar of “much supportive.” You could say “How supportive” or “How much support do you get from your family” but not what you wrote.

As for the question, none of my family live at home any more and they are very far away so no support at this time.

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I come from a close knit family where we support and encourage each other to always strive to do better, don’t settle for mediocrity. It’s best to do your best in whatever you set your mind to do. Either way if you put a good effort to move ahead in life or not, you will pay the price and reap what you sow.
I am of the idea that I will do for my family and close friends what I want them do for me if I get in a situation where I would need help, which I never know when that would be if at all.
When we treat others as we want them to treat us, we will give our two cents to improve the world we live in.

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