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How long can you hold your breath?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (13499points) February 21st, 2018

Timed responses only please.

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When I was 15, 2 minutes 55 seconds, underwater.
These days, probably much less.

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Made it to a minute on a stop watch. (1:00.70).

I breathed out slowly from about 35 – 50 seconds, and then just kept my lungs uninflated. I guess I could have gone longer but I wasn’t having any fun at that point. I might try again at some point, not sure…

I use to swim. Never had to hold my breath for an extended period of time, but was much more used to the feeling of holding it, so I probably could have gone a bit longer back then? Not sure. It felt very strange this time.

Okay, tried again. 1:35. Breathed out 1:10–1:30ish.

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This evening: 2 minutes 5 seconds and the last 25 seconds were a real fight. I have not done that for a long time.

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Haha yeah, I don’t see myself getting to 2 minutes, let alone 3!

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90 seconds as a kid. 30 seconds as an adult.

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eeeek only 30 seconds. I am sooo out of shape.

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I did 1.23.94 on my first try. Managed 1.28.62, my second try. I’m going to try to beat 1.30 later. Right now the room is spinning…

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Bout a min and a half

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When I was younger about 15 I remember being able to hold my breath underwater for 2 minutes. Wow! I did practice everyday as we had a swimming pool in our backyard. I doubt I can ever repeat this feat . . . lol

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