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What is/was something your mother really liked?

Asked by MooCows (3198points) February 23rd, 2018


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Birds and innovative ideas

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Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks.

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- Dogs
– Chocolate
– Ice cream
– Children, especially babies
– Fish and chips
– Frank Sinatra
– Sparkling wine (she was never a drinker, no more than a few alcoholic beverages per year, but she loved the taste of “champagne”)

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Art from the Southwest.
Bob Ross
Her camera/photography

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The visual arts. I always knew that my mother was a good painter, but I never knew the depth of her love for the visual arts until I went to a museum with her as an adult. She knew interesting things about every exhibit, whether it was an ancient African sculpture or an Art Nouveau furniture installation.

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Nice porcelain teacups and saucers.
Cereals of all kinds.
The novels of George Eliot.
Seasonal and holiday decorations.

I wonder how my kids would answer this.

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Mogan David wine and the Catholic church.

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Multiple orgasms & after eight mints

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…not to mention, “the chauffeur”.

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The color pink.

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Oil paints and Dorothy Parker

(not together)

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Pepsi… So much she now has Type 2 diabetes.

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- Apple pie with rum raisin ice cream
– Gin and tonic
– Knitting

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Smoking cigaretts and stray cats.

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Smoking stray cats??? ick!

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Cross word puzzles. She could never get enough of them.

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