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What is the most popular food you love?

Asked by jessicalovely (60points) March 8th, 2018

Mostly i love Chinese food

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Hamburgers! When I was a kid and went on trips with the grandparents, I’d order them for breakfast!
At my parents grave, my mother has a etching of Jesus Christ on her side of the headstone, Dad has a cowboy on a horse. I’m thinking I want a hamburger etched on mine!

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I’m starting to be obsessed with sushi. I just can’t resist the taste of raw fish and eggs. A sushi roll is also bigger than it looks, meaning that you can’t put the whole thing in the mouth and swallow. You have to either bite it several times or chew slowly, and with that you get to savour the taste fully.

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Spicy guacamole

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Chinese food and hotdogs.

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Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza

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deep fried butter, turducken, and tubs of lard.

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Are condiments food? I love condiments of all types. Salsa, mustards, ketchup, mayo, relish relish relish! When I first moved into this house, I had the kitchen renovated. The contractor told me to take all non-perishable foods out of the fridge before he moved it into the living room. When I got home he wanted to know why I had no food – and why I kept condiments in the fridge.

The condiments were in the fridge because there was so much room.

Most foods are condiment carriers for me. I’ve got at least five relishes and seven or eight mustards in use right now, plus a lot of pickles and three or four sauces that have horseradish in them.

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I like take-out, frozen, and homemade pizza. I like to make pizza out of different types of doughy things including tortillas, Indian naan bread, French rolls, and English muffins.

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I am from Kerala, India. Here porotta and beef curry are like an emotion. Beef is often banned in many portions of India, but not in Kerala. Porotta and beef tastes like Keralites love to have porotta all the time. Porotta is a dish made of all-purpose flour in a certain way which is extremely tasty and looks like kind of pancake by its shape. Beef curry is made with typical masalas and is spicy. both when having together tastes really good.

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