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Could Jesus have resurrected from a decapitation?

Asked by ragingloli (52030points) March 10th, 2018

How potent is his regenerative super power, compared to someone like Wolverine or Deadpool?

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Of course. He’d just magically glue his head back on, just like he magically came back from severe dehydration and blood loss. Silly question.

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@rl, you are so naughty. Churches would have to display guillotines, and instead of crucifixes people would wear little heads…

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or wicker baskets.

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According to prophecy, none of his bones would be broken.

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I’m guessing his disembodied head would float around after resurrection and continue to do all of the Jesusy stuff.

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Providing he could find it sure.

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Wait a minute… wasn’t that a Rick and Morty episode?

The Cromulons – Get Schwifty

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It is how Jesus lived and the courage with which he faced his death that is important. Too much importance is attached to how he died – a detail over which he had no control.

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The importance of his death is that it leads to the resurrection which is THE number one most important tenant in any religion I’ve been a part of.

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Duh, the laws of physics do not apply to the living God loli.

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Of course!
It’s like the guy who wanted to get rid of a cat: He tried so many ways to get rid of this cat, even to the point of killing it, but the cat always came back. Finally, the guy cuts the cat’s head off and buries the cat out in the garden. But. alas, the next day the cat once again showed up, but this time with it’s head in it’s mouth.
And that’s how Jesus would come back…

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@kritiper – we sang that at summer camp 100 years ago


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I would think it would be easier to repair a beheading, than the damage from dying of crucifixion.

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He probably would have simply appeared as a floating, disembodied head that could actually speak without the benefit of lungs!
(Rod Serling could have been there to hold the blinking, eye rolling head and speak for Jesus…)
@elbanditoroso Somebody KNEW!!!

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Which brings up the additional question of whether or not God would have been more pissed if this had happened instead of a simple crucifixion?

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The question is: Who did the decapitation? Was it some other religion trying to get ahead of the competition?

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Who did the decapitation? An obscure branch of Romans, the Guillotinians.

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NO, it was the Decapitations. They tried to control the entire discussion over the divinity of Jesus but lost their heads.

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Ok, now we’re just being silly…

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Speak for yourself…........while you still have a head!


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This brings to mind, the Headless Horseman. If he can kinda resurrect, why couldn’t Jesus?

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Um, we need to quit while we’re ahead.

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