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What is safe enough to not refrigerate after opening, in case of emergency?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 12th, 2018

Edited to add:
In case of power outage, or not having enough room for everything that gets refrigirated normally. Lots of people don’t refrigerate butter and I never heard an objection to that from the nutrition field.

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Nothing that says “Refrigerator after opening” is safe without refrigeration.

Don’t open the frig; keep the cool / cold air inside.

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I mean not everything is equally unsafe, like chicken eggs…a lot of things. no question. And there are some things are way down the list,. So if it’s a question of starving or let’s say….

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Anything you keep in the refrigerator in the first place, is not safe to not keep refrigerated, especially once opened.

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Actually, peanut butter and jams will keep for quite a time after opened without refrigeration, as will condiments such as mustard, ketchup, soy sauce, etc. Pickles will keep. Hummus would keep quite a while. Canned drinks won’t stay cold obviously but will keep fine.

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I keep hearing that mayonnaise will be fine unrefrigerated – but I’m not testing that one.

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Salted butter, peanut butter, bread, tomatoes, ketchup, soy sauce, lemons, ..

I’d stay away from meat, milk and mayo. .

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Pop is safe out of the fridge after opening.

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Beef jerky, raisins, other dried meats/fruits. Actually, mayo is fairly safe unrefrigerated: when mixed with other foods, or comes in contact with other foods, it should be avoided. But it wouldn’t hurt to stay away from it anyway…

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Cookies. Most fruit. water. Everything in the freezer has to stay cold.

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Most freeze-dried food can last outside of a fridge. In an emergency you can store food stuffs in the snow outside.

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Peanut butter? That doesn’t need refrigeration to begin with.

I’m in concert with those who do not trust mayo.

Catsup will keep, but if it is quite warm it will get nasty.

Cheese will keep for days. The biggest threat with it is mold.

I had my fridge go out on me while I slept a few months ago.
By the time I woke up it required quick action. Fortunately I have a chest freezer in my basement. I got everything from the freezer moved, but most of the stuff in the fridge had to be tossed.
After going through a power outage I experienced years ago, I knew having a chest freezer is worth the money. They get colder, are normally better insulated, and so stay cold longer.
If I had not had that freezer to transfer into, I would have had to toss out another two hundred dollars worth of food. Also, it happened too close to the weekend, and my landlord could not replace the fridge until after the weekend.

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How about pasta sauce let’s say. Because I’m asking only about the ones that say “Refrigerate After Opening”

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I didn’t Google before posting the OP.

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I’m so surprised by cheese though. Isn’t mold a problem @Patty_Melt?

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