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Has anyone had problems with hairstylists not doing your hair the way you wanted it to be?

Asked by Inspired_2write (6662points) April 23rd, 2018

I had gone over the past two years on a roller coaster ride of hair colors to treat successfully incoming grey hair.
I had hairstylists ( gone to a few) whom dissuade me by using technical terms as to why I can’t get a total hair color etc
I got streaks from light to medium to all three of which of course grew out and had to be fixed each month!
Costs mounted per month for this and it did not matter which Salon I went to as the same results of repeated visits to fix.
After two years and many different processes done that washed out after couple of months I finally purchased a twenty dollar kit and did it myself! It was successful and stayed in now for three months so far. I learned later that these hairstylists only placed a temporary color in my hair and thus every month it was guaranteed that I would come back and pay them again to redo it.
I now only have to purchase a retouch kit for less that the $104 per month that I paid in the past not only for hair color but add on also the products that I needed to condition my over processed hair!Has this happened to you?

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I don’t understand. Are you looking for some sort of permanent fix for the gray hair?

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I’ve never had a salon put in semi-permanent when I asked for permanent. I often use semi-permanent hair dye, but that’s besides the point. A friend of mine is grey and keeps her hair blonde, and recently tried to go a little darker, and she said the color was out in two weeks. Know that, any time you try to cover blonde it will wash out quickly, because the dyed blonde make the hair so porous, but it should stay about a month I would think. Obviously, even if the dye stays in, after a month the roots will start becoming obvious.

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I had some grey growing in and asked for light streaks to blend in so that it looked natural instead of a path of grey then dark color. My hair naturally is dark brown and in patches I still have that growing . However since the grey was coming in I wanted it to blend in by highlights preferably grey but otherwise light to match, however I kept getting blond low lights and highlights put on instead as the hairstylists could not match etc In the end of two years of this back and forth and different colors , even purple! ( was applied). I repeated requesting for darker brown to match my natural hair or streaks to match and therefore never have to dye again as it would look natural. I was told that they could not put dark brown or even variant colors of brown in for numerous reasons which in the end was wrong of them to assume. I finally ended this parade of colors from grey purplish to light blond to mid blond which only lasted for about a month or two at best until I finally purchased a dye product off the shelf and did it myself for a fraction of the costs in the past! It has been three months now and my hair is still brown and no new growth shows through as yet. I had been asking for this color all along but accepted professional hairstylists knowledge as truth when in fact it wasn’t. Either they could not figure out how to dye it or they were manipulating me and others ( their are) into coming to the Salon every month and therefore ensure clients on a regular basis. Also using my sleuthing skills (LOL) discovered that not all were professionals, some were apprentices and practicing so to speak on us clients! Who spends in total over $1400 a year just for hair styling? I was going broke trying to keep up and they knew that I am a pensioner with limited income, income that could had been best placed towards savings and or other needed expenses to pay down debt etc. I felt taken advantage of and had told others of my findings and both Salons have lost customers, not because of me but because of questioning there procedures and hairstylists by asking “why not” a hairstyle can be, cut or dyed the way one wants it?
A old time friend of mine who owned her own Salons years ago, told me that if they can’t do what you want it means that either they are not capable of doing it as they are not experienced nor trained enough and to let her know which Salon and hairstylist could not do what I requested and she will deal with it.She stated that it affected her Business if it was found that her staff is not trained enough to handle such requests as she hired them under false perceptions or they bluntly lied on their resumes?
I have had severe chemical burns from a hairstylist in the past due to inexperience , bad haircuts,etc

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….and therefore never have to dye again ” That is impossible.

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no not impossible if blended streaks match the grey or lighter shade.

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But it will grow out and you’ll have to dye it or streak it or whatever again.

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yes it will grow out but blended properly it won’t show as a grow out.

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Well, eventually you’ll just have straight grey hair again. I mean, I assume you get your hair cut fairly regularly.

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@ Dutchess
Yes, exactly…then it would be normal and no need to blend again.

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I thought your goal was to hide the gray…

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By blending it in it now looks like streaks. Which is good enough for me.

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For now it looks like streaks.

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