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Can you put non permanent hair color over permanent hair color with out any weird effects?

Asked by snowyowl_ecs (417points) September 6th, 2009

My natural hair color is a light mousy brown. For the past year my sister has been dyeing it Light Auburn (Revlon- ColorSilk- #53) and Black (Revlon- ColorSilk- #20). I really like the Red and Black, but I’d like a temporary change. I bought some non-permanent brown color (Clairol- Natural Instincts- Loving Care- #765) that says that it lasts for 6–12 shampoos. I was wondering if I use the non-permanent, when it washes out, will it effect how the red in my hair looks? And on that note, will the permanent hair color effect how long the non permanent color takes to wash out? Like I said before, I really like the red and black and I want to keep it, but I’d like to see what I’d look like with brown hair.

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Red is practically impossible to get out of your hair, you either have to grow it out..or strip it. So, even with putting that semi permanent over top the red, the red may still pop through very quickly.

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If you have red and black in your hair, I very much doubt a semi permanent dye is going to show up at all. I had bright ass red hair (Permanent, Clairol Herbal Essences #44 Radiant Ruby [not me] AKA Paint the Town) for two years, and I did put brown over it once when if came out a bit brighter then normal, if anything it was a tint of brown. I still had red hair – just darker

I also recently went through the ordeal of bleaching all the red out to return to my natural blonde. I bleached it four times, dyed it three times and I’ve only gotten it sorta close to normal. My hair is fried, I now have to style it everyday, previously my hair natural curled or turned into big loose waves. Now, it’s all poof.

If you want to know what you look like with brown hair, Photoshop a great hair picture of yourself, or better yet since it’s your natural color crack open an old photo album. You grew it, there’s proof of it’s existence somewhere.

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My natural hair color is closer to a dirty blonde than it is to a brown.

Here is a picture of the red in my hair. It’s faded a little but it’s pretty much the same.

Here is the brown color that I bought.

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Yeah, that should cover it. I was thinking of a brighter red and my hair is a dark honey ish blonde naturally as well. Your hair might still seem somewhat on the coppery golden side, but it’ll do fine. In my experience though, I have never had a non permanent wash out completely in the time specified. I only noticed it’s absence months down the line. Maybe my hair just takes color well, but it’s always been the same.

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If the brown isn’t completly washed out in, like, two weeks do you think that if I put more red in it will screw my hair up?

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I wouldn’t personally. It will wash out. My hair just holds color well, don’t worry about it. :)

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